Wind-Up Toys

When it is important to give a toy to a special loved one, consider the investment in wind-up toys. From modern to antique and vintage wind-up toys, they require nothing more than a few twists of a knob to get them moving. Unlike powered toys, they may take a bit more attention to get them to work right, but they can go anywhere and offer a nostalgic feeling. For those looking for something other than electronic toy pets, cars, and gadgets, consider how wind-up toys can fit the bill.

Wind-Up Vehicles

Perhaps one of the most common options is the wind-up vehicle. Designed to require the user to turn the knob a few times, and then watch as the vehicle launches forward, these are a good option for anyone who loves cars. Some feature racetracks that help propel the vehicle into twists and turns. From monster trucks to small diecast vehicles, plenty of options exist.

Wind-Up Toy Puzzles

Wind-up toy puzzles are a unique choice. These are available in a variety of themes, including dinosaurs and animals. The user presses out the pieces, puts them together in a three-dimensional design, and then watches as the wind-up feature helps them to move. These are toys that can teach fine motor skills.

Antique Wind-Up Toys

Antique and vintage wind-up toys are a popular collector's item. Many feature very simple parts, but inspire a lot of imagination. Racing cars and replica vehicles are a popular option. Other wind-up toys feature characters walking or trains moving.

Wind-Up Baby Toys

Young children, who may not be as safe around powered toys, may benefit from wind-up baby toys. Often brightly coloured, these toys move along slowly, entertaining children as young as 12 months. Cute vehicle and animal themes help these to come to life.