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G-Shock Wristwatches

One of the most popular casual and rugged watches, G-Shock wristwatches come in a gamut of designs fit for any stylish man or woman. While they vary largely in design, you can always count on them to be water-resistant, sturdy, stylish, and most importantly, reliable. Whether catching the waves or exploring the shops in town, there's a G-Shock watch that fits the occasion.

G-Shock men’s watches have premium silicone or metal bands with watch cases made also from silicone or durable stainless steel. For casual wear, get the DW5600DE-2 to match your blue denim jeans or denim jacket. The denim-inspired design of the watch is small enough not to be too bulky for a day out at the shops. Heading out for a hike or a day in the outdoors? Strap on the GPW2000-3A Master of G with its tasteful metal studs on an olive green body and matching orange accents as a tactical chronograph. If you love all-steel construction, buy the G-Steel GSTS310D-1A, a watch made with premium-grade stainless steel. It features a traditional watch face but mixes it up with digital indicators.

There is also a wide range of G-Shock women’s watches available. Featuring a fashion forward design that incorporates a heather print similar to sweatshirts, the GMAS110HT-6A has the texture that embodies autumn. It is equipped with an Auto LED, four daily alarms, speed indicator and magnetic resistance, making it a versatile and reliable fashion essential. Love pure white? Then grab the GMAS110CM-7A1, which combines the basic allure of an all-white construction with a complex yet easily readable layout that uses traditional analogue arms and LCD elements.

This is the G-Shock series for the youthful and young-at-heart. The most playful watch designs come in pieces like the BGA240-4A with its ladylike, hot pink design and layout combination of analogue and digital elements. Some are subdued in design as well. If you want it subtle, consider the BA110GA-1A, which has a pitch-black design and contrasting white indicators, while its digital elements feature grey numerals on a black background, thereby making it perfect for the discerning young man.

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