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Profanity policy

We want all our members to have a positive experience on eBay. As such, we don’t allow members to use language that we consider to be defamatory, offensive, or that could be seen as abuse or harassment.

Please read our full policy guidelines below for additional details of the types of language and behaviour this covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of language isn't allowed on eBay?

eBay doesn't allow the use of hateful, offensive, profane, or vulgar language in public areas of the website. Public areas include listings, products, profiles, Feedback, discussion boards, and more.

Defamatory language (language or comments that could be considered harmful to the reputation of another eBay member) is also strictly prohibited on eBay.

How can I report abusive behaviour or defamatory comments?

If another eBay user has made comments about you that you consider defamatory, if you come across a listing that you believe to be offensive, or if you've received offensive, abusive, or defamatory messages from another eBay member, please report the seller or listing directly to us.

If someone left you abusive or profane Feedback, review our Member-to-member contact policy and contact us to report the Feedback.

Can I sell media items that have profanity in the titles?

Music CDs, movie DVDs or other media items with titles that include profanity are allowed on eBay as long as any profane words are part of the official title.

Read our full policy

Profanity policy overview

For a pleasant experience on eBay, we don't allow using hateful, offensive, profane or vulgar language in public areas of the website, including:

  • Listings
  • Products
  • Profiles
  • Feedback
  • Discussion boards
  • eBay Groups
  • eBay Motors
  • eBay Stores
  • Collections
  • Other areas of the site that people see

To find out more about our profanity policy, see the guidelines below.

Make sure your listings and products follow these guidelines. If they don't, they may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?

Allowed Allowed


  • Music CDs, movie DVDs or other media items with titles that include profanity. The profane word has to be part of an official title (for example, a song title) that was originally released by the company that made the item.
  • Officially released product with a brand name that includes a profane word.

Restricted Allowed in some situations

  • Novelty items (hats, T-shirts and so on) with profanity have to meet the following criteria:
    • The majority of the profane word has to be replaced with asterisks (for example, s*** or f***).
    • Any image showing the profane word needs to be blurred out as well.

Not allowed Not allowed

  • Hateful, obscene, offensive, racist, sexual or violent words in any public area of eBay
  • Offensive user IDs
  • Profane language to describe an item for sale
  • Profanity in a listing or product title or description

Why does eBay have this policy?

Just like any public place and other websites viewed by people of all ages, we expect eBay users not to use profane or offensive language. This is a basic rule that applies to everyone.


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