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Adding a category to your listing

To help buyers find what they're looking for, eBay organises items into different categories. Your choice of category – and whether you add a second category – can help you reach the right buyers.

Lots of buyers refine their searches by category, so choosing the right category will make your item easier to find.

How to choose a listing category

When you start listing your item, a category is usually pre-populated with suggestions based on your title.

If you don't agree with what's suggested, you can select Search categories or Browse categories to find an alternative.

When you've used a category in a previous listing, eBay saves it so you can select it again as either your main or secondary category.

Sometimes we'll change the category if your selection doesn't match the item listed.

How to list in two categories

Listing in two categories increases the chances that your item will get in front of an interested buyer.

To add a second category, select Add a second category in the Product details section of the listing form.

When you should list in two categories

When adding a second category, bear in mind that your item needs to be fully relevant to both categories. Ensure your first category is the best fit for your item, and remove the second one if it's unnecessary. For example:

  • You could list a vintage table from Japan in both the Asian Antiques category and the Antiques > Furniture category, as it's relevant to both categories
  • You should only list a sofa slipcover in the Home & Garden > Furniture Slipcovers category; you don't need to list it in the Couches category as well

Learn more about our search manipulation policy.

Some items, such as Real Estate, can only be listed in one category.

Fees for listing in two categories

If you choose to list your item in two categories:

  • You'll pay a feature fee for listing in the second category, regardless of whether you're using a free listing
  • Any other feature fees applicable to the listing based on your feature selections will be charged twice (once for each category)
  • If the two categories have different final value fees, the higher final value fee will apply when your item sells

Learn more about eBay selling fees.

Choosing the most appropriate category for your item helps you reach the right buyers.

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