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Managing cases and disputes with buyers

While we all try to avoid it, sometimes things can go wrong with a transaction. If your buyer has an issue with a purchase, contact them to try and work things out. If you can't come to an agreement, we're here to help.

How to avoid disputes

Here are some tips to help you avoid potential issues with your buyers.

When listing your item

  • Make sure your item descriptions are accurate. Include photos, and highlight any scuffs or blemishes
  • State your returns policy clearly in your listing
  • Respond to any questions as quickly as you can
  • To help you get paid quickly and avoid unpaid item claims, set your payment preferences to require immediate payment on Buy It Now or Auction Buy It Now purchases

After your listing ends

  • Use a postal carrier that provides tracking information, and uploading tracking details. This helps protect you in case a buyer claims they didn't receive the item. If you buy and print postage labels on eBay, tracking information is uploaded automatically
  • Keep copies of any proof of your item's authenticity
  • Make sure you receive the buyer's payment before you post the item

How to resolve disputes

If something has gone wrong with a transaction, first contact the buyer to try and work things out. If the buyer asks to return the item or reports that they didn't receive it, it's important to respond promptly to the request.

Asking eBay to step in

If you're unable to resolve an issue with a buyer, you can ask us to step in and help. We'll review the details of the case and make a decision within 2 business days.

You can check the status of any open cases in the Resolution Centre - opens in new window or tab.

Check the status of your case

How to appeal a case

If you're not happy with our decision on a case, you have 30 days to appeal. You'll need to provide new information in your appeal, which can include:

  • Tracking details showing the buyer received the item
  • Photos and/or documentation showing the item matches the listing description
  • Proof you refunded the buyer before the case was closed.

To appeal a decision, go to the Resolution Centre - opens in new window or tab and select See case details beside your case, then Appeal.

Once we've received your appeal, we'll review the additional information and get back to you with a final decision within 48 hours.

When creating your listing, make sure to provide a detailed description of your item and a clear statement of your returns policy. This will help you avoid problems, but if something does go wrong, we're always here to help.

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