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 Complete your bathroom with fixtures and fittings

Add all the finishing touches, from mirrors to soap dispensers,  to your bathroom with a range of fixtures and fittings available on eBay today. Or, if you love taking a bath, you can find bath caddy’s and trays to hold treats like food, a glass of wine, a book to read, or your electronics. 

Shower Screens & Shower Heads

Updating your shower screen or door can be a simple and effective way to make a big impact on your bathroom. Changing out an old-style can give your bathroom a refresh and can be a simple yet effective upgrade to make. Complete the look with a new shower head as well. Choose from a range of Rain Showers, also called Waterfall Showers, which is a ceiling-mounted shower heads, designed to mimic water falling, to give you a calming start to the day. 

Towel Rails & Towel Holders

Towel rails are not only a practical feature to have in your bathroom, but can also add to the aesthetics and style of your other bathroom accessories. Choose from single rod rails, which can be useful for smaller hand towels, to 4-bar and 5-bar towel rails for the family. Heated towel rails can also be a great feature to a bathroom, adding warmth to the room and speeding up the drying process of towels.

In addition, you can also find free-standing towel racks and attachable rack rails to suit your needs. You can also find wall hooks and hangers to help expand your options.  

Bathroom Storage Cabinets and Baskets

Keep your bathroom tidy and organised with a range of storage solutions. You can find shelf units and organisers that are designed to sit over a toilet or washing machine to help maximise the use of space. These can also be great for storing your towels, wash products, and any other essentials in your bathroom. 

Get all your bathroom accessories from eBay in just a few simple clicks.