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Long work days typically mean tense and tired muscles. For most people, releasing tension can be difficult, but that's where massagers come in. When you can't get to the spa for a professional, hands-on massage, massagers step in and do the work so you can still enjoy the results of looser muscles and a pain-free back and neck. Simple and fun to use, massagers come in a variety of styles for each pressure point.

Back to Basics

Many people hold tension in their backs. Release these knotted muscles when you use a back massager. Back massagers come in many forms. Seat-shaped massagers envelop you and knead your entire back with a soothing motion. These massagers have multiple settings that allow you to enjoy the specific massage you desire, such as a shiatsu massage. For a manual massage, opt for an extendable back roller you can place wherever you like to work out the strained spots in your back.

Best Foot Forward

Foot massagers relieve tired, aching feet at the end of a long day. Opt for an electric foot massager that you place your feet on. These heated massagers gently knead your toes and feet while providing soothing warmth, loosening tense muscles and relieving pain. Deluxe versions use reflexology to provide an adjustable yet intense massage. Set a timer for how long you want your massage to last. A rolling foot massager uses small balls for added control, and allows you to get into your soles and the arches of your foot with ease.

Neck and Neck

Your neck is one of the first spots to stiffen when your body becomes strained. Release neck muscles when you use a specialised neck massager. A small cushion that fits around your neck, an electric neck massager rubs the kinks out of your neck while adding heat to relax tired muscles. These come in a variety of sizes and designs, and some provide added settings to create a deep tissue or shiatsu massage. Some double as a heating pad to ease your neck and back muscles at the same time.

Body Language

When your entire body needs help relaxing, full body massagers save the day. Portable and easy to use, these handheld massagers let you apply heat and stimulation to any part of your body that you apply them to. Relax your neck, shoulders, back, or feet with a mobile massager.. Great for conditions like arthritis and fatigue, body massagers are compact enough to carry in a bag.