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Collectable Pins, Badges and Patches

You can use collectable pins, badges and patches to personalise a piece of clothing or a bag. They are a good way to showcase your sense of humour or your interests. The wide range of designs available in pin, badge and patch form is what makes them collectable. Many take up collecting these small items as a hobby, with many trying to find the most unique or interesting designs.

Collectable Pins, Badges and Patches Design

You can find many collectable pins, badges and patches with references to pop culture. From rock bands to popular TV series, you have a wide range to peruse so it may help to start with just one theme or subject matter. On the other hand, some also simply showcase phrases or sentences. Often, they are funny and humorous, or they can be wise and profound. The possibilities are endless.

Types of Collectable Pins, Badges and Patches

Collectable designs can be found on different types pins, badges and patches. You can find enamel and metal collectable pins as well as other materials. As for patches, popular options include iron-on patches, which feature various embroidered designs you can iron onto your clothing or other fabric. They allow for a more permanent customisation and personalisation of any clothing item. However, before throwing it in the wash, be sure to turn the clothing item inside out and run a gentle cycle.

Where to Place Collectable Pins, Badges and Patches

Collectable pins, badges and patches apply best on fabric surfaces. You can put them on a bag, backpack or jacket, or any piece of fabric you want, including other decor elements like flags, drapes and so on. The choice is yours after all. More specifically, lapel pins are meant for the lapel of your jacket. However, if you prefer to just leave your collection displayed in one place, you can stick them on a hard backing and frame them or store them away as you like.