Other Electrical Equipment & Supplies

Other Electrical Test Equipment

Electrical testing equipment comes into play when maintaining an electronic device, to detect any faults that that piece of equipment might have. If it detects any faults, additional testing equipment is important for rectifying any issues that you find. Types of testing equipment includes a voltmeter which measures the voltage of an electronic device, ohmmeter that measures electrical resistance, an ammeter measures the electrical current in a circuit, and a multimeter measures the voltage, current and resistance all at once. Other test inspection equipment includes a signal generator, pulse generator, digital pattern generator, oscilloscope, frequency counter, and a LCR meter.

Appliance Testing Supplies

When conducting electrical appliance testing, there are several supplies to conduct a thorough test. Some of the supplies that are needed include RCD testers, sensors, antennas, switches and other meters to test different levels of resistance, polarity and the current with which many of the appliances contain. Other basic supplies include wires, additional switches, tubes, and electrical tape. While basic, many of the supplies that you need for appliance testing are crucial for safety and to ensure accurate readings. If a reading is off, it could have dangerous results for not only the patron having the testing done, but the person conducting the test is liable as well. Appliance testing supplies are crucial for any type of test and tagging you do in a home or business.

Test and Tag Equipment

Testing equipment like portable appliance testers are a means to electrically test in-service electrical equipment for personal safety. Testing and tagging equipment helps to determine if an appliance is safe to use. Besides the visual inspections that one conducts, there are electrical tests done using a test and tag machine to test the earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity. This ensures that the everyday use of basic appliances and common machines are safe and that there are no defects.