Yoga Props

Get ready to stretch with yoga props

A yoga prop is an object used to enable certain yoga poses. Many experienced yogis often do postures without props, however, those with less experience often benefit greatly from using them. Yoga props can help you to achieve otherwise unachievable poses; make poses safer; and get greater health benefits from a pose. You'll find a wide range of yoga props for sale on eBay.

Yoga Straps

Yoga straps can help to align your posture and are useful for easing into poses, particularly if you have tense or tight muscles or you're recovering after an injury. Yoga straps enable you to achieve poses more easily whilst maintaining proper body alignment on the mat. The use of yoga straps allows yoga students to perform poses safely, even when their bodies won't let them get all the way there.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are essentially floor raisers. When an arm can't reach all the way down to the floor, a yoga block can be used. This allows people with less flexibility to achieve and remain in poses safely, without experiencing as much discomfort. Blocks also have a role in several restorative yoga poses. Blocks come in different materials, including foam, wood and cork.

Yoga Bolsters

A yoga bolster can be a nice addition to your at-home yoga setup. It's unlikely you will use this prop every time you practice, however, it can be particularly useful for restorative poses. Poses such as the supported bridge, legs-up-the-wall and savasana can all benefit from a yoga bolster being placed under the knees.

Whether you're looking for a yoga mat, straps, blocks, bolster or any other yoga accessories, you're sure to find what you're looking for on eBay. Though you should try not to become over reliant on yoga props, you'll find that their use aids your practice and improves your poses, increasing the benefits of yoga.