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Closing your account

If you want to close your eBay account, remember that you'll no longer be able to sell on the site, or access My eBay. You'll also lose your Feedback, as well as your purchase and sales history.

If you want to close your account because you've decided to stop selling, you can do that and still leave your account active – simply remove your automatic payment method and cancel your selling tool subscriptions.

If you still want to close your account, make sure:

  • All your fees are paid, and your account balance is zero
  • You've resolved any suspensions or restrictions
  • You don't have open bids on an item

If your account doesn't meet our minimum seller performance standards, you won't be able to close your account. Go to your Seller Dashboard - opens in new window or tab to see what you'll need to do to raise your seller performance.

Before closing your account, consider contacting us first. We don't want to see you go, and we'll do everything we can to sort out any issues you have.

What you need to know about closing your account

When you submit a request to close your account, we'll keep it open for 60 days so any outstanding sales or purchases can be completed. If you change your mind during this time, you can contact us and ask to have it reopened.

After the 60-day period, your account will be permanently closed. If you'd like to use eBay again, you'll need to create a new account.

Please contact us for help closing or transferring the account of a deceased eBay member.

Close account

If you simply want to stop selling, you don't have to close your eBay account. You can just remove your automatic payment method, and cancel any selling tool subscriptions.

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