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Selling with eBay Plus

An eBay Plus badge on your listing helps you stand out on eBay by letting buyers know you deliver a great shopping experience. It's a great trust signal for buyers, helping to boost traffic and sales performance.

Buyers who are members of eBay Plus get a range of benefits when shopping on eBay, such as a free upgrade to express delivery to metro addresses and free returns on eBay Plus items, and exclusive member-only deals.

eBay Plus seller benefits

We clearly highlight eligible listings with an eBay Plus badge in search results and at checkout. Buyers also use the eBay Plus toggle on our search page to shop for eBay Plus items.

Listings with an eBay Plus badge also benefit from additional seller protections and inclusion in member-only promotions and sales events.

For more information on how to get the most out of eBay Plus, you can also read our Seller Centre article on eBay Plus - opens in new window or tab.

Express postage contribution

eBay Plus members in metro areas will be automatically upgraded to free express delivery on eBay Plus listings. eBay will fund up to $4 of the express postage upgrade cost on these orders. We'll apply the contribution automatically at the point of transaction, and for a lot of sellers this will cover the cost of the express upgrade.

eBay's maximum contribution is $4. For example, if you're charging $2 for the express upgrade, we'll cover $2. If you're charging $7, we'll cover $4.

How to enable the eBay Plus badge

To enable the eBay Plus badge, you need to meet a range of both seller performance and listing criteria.

You can choose to meet eBay Plus criteria on some or all of your listings. You can use business policies and postage rate tables - opens in new window or tab to help you specify postage costs and return policies and apply them to listings in bulk.

eBay Plus criteria

Seller standard

  • Above Standard or eBay Top Rated
  • Compliant with our selling policies


Note: From mid-2021, previously restricted categories will be eligible for eBay Plus, including bulky items such as home appliances and flat-pack furniture. We'll provide details on postage requirements in advance.

Postage and returns

  • Free domestic postage*
  • A reasonably price express postage option to metro areas**
  • 0-1 day handling
  • No additional postage charge for multiple items
  • Accept 30-day+ returns

Note: From mid-2021, we won't require sellers to offer 30-day returns on items that can't be returned for hygiene or safety reasons. See the list of categories we consider non-returnable - opens in new window or tab.

Tracking & delivery performance

  • Uploading valid tracking for at least 95% of your eBay Plus orders
  • Meeting your handling time promise
  • Offering and sending your eBay Plus orders with express delivery to metro buyers

Your performance will be monitored on a fortnightly basis and the eBay Plus badge may be temporarily removed from your listings until you are able to meet these requirements.

Note: eBay may exempt sellers from one or more of these criteria, or remove sellers from participation in eBay Plus at its absolute discretion.

*Free postage nationwide within Australia. You can charge for postage to external territories (Norfolk Island, Antarctic Bases, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Island); however, buyers in those regions won't see the eBay Plus badge on your items. You may exclude PO Boxes if your carrier doesn't deliver there.

**Required if your free postage option isn't express. You should only charge buyers the upgrade cost from standard to express postage. (For example, if your carrier charges $6 for standard postage and $10 for express, then you should only charge the buyer $4 for express postage.) There is a $15 maximum express postage cost for badge eligibility.

You don't necessarily have to offer free (seller-paid) returns to get an eBay Plus badge on your listing. However, we encourage all sellers to do so, because it's great customer service and will encourage all shoppers to buy from you – not just eBay Plus members.

How returns work with eBay Plus

eBay Plus is about making shopping easier for loyal eBay buyers. With that in mind, we speed up the returns process for eBay Plus orders.

eBay Plus buyers still need to open a return request and indicate the reason for their return. We then automatically accept their return request and give them a return postage label straight away. So all you need to do is check the item when it arrives back and issue their refund.

Make sure your return address - opens in new window or tab is up to date.

If you're responsible for return postage (because you offer free returns, or if the buyer's returning an item because it's damaged, faulty or doesn't match the listing), we'll issue the buyer a return label. The postage cost will be either deducted from your sales proceeds or added to your seller invoice.

For more information about returns, see our article on handling returns as a seller.

Opting out of eBay Plus

An eBay Plus badge on your listing indicates to all buyers that you deliver a great shopping experience, including free delivery and accepting returns. For more information on how eBay Plus helps you stand out and the benefits for sellers, we encourage you to read our Seller Centre article on eBay Plus - opens in new window or tab.

To opt out specific listings, simply adjust your postage or returns options so that the listing doesn't meet our criteria for an eBay Plus badge.

If you do not wish to have any of your listings included in eBay Plus, please email PlusOptOut@ebay.com to let us know.

eBay Plus provides a premium shopping experience to members, helping to attract more buyers and encourage them to buy more on eBay – which can help sellers grow their business.

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