Drive sales with the eBay Plus badge

What is the eBay Plus badge?

eBay Plus is more than a buyer loyalty program, it’s our primary seller badge onsite.

An eBay Plus badge signals trust to eBay buyers and lets them know they'll have a great shopping experience with you.

Listings with an eBay Plus badge have greater visibility and better sales performance across the eBay network.

How the eBay Plus badge boosts your listings

Sales uplift on listings with the badge*


Item view uplift on listings with the badge**


eBay Plus members visit the site up to 5 times***

5x visits

eBay Plus members spend up to 6x more on eBay****

6x spend

*Only included the Listings that are live for the whole Pre post period (60 days)

**On average vs. listings that are not badged eBay Plus.

***Based on visit frequency of eBay Plus members vs. non-eBay Plus members for May 2018 – May 2019.

****Based on average bought item value of eBay Plus members vs. non-eBay Plus members for July 2018 – July 2019.

How to enable the eBay Plus badge

To enable the eBay Plus badge, you need to meet a range of both seller performance and listing criteria.

You can choose to meet eBay Plus criteria on some or all of your listings. You can use business policies and postage rate tables to help you specify postage costs and return policies and apply them to listings in bulk. We know you may not be able to offer this level of service on all your listings, which is why the eBay Plus badge is applied at a listing level.

eBay Plus badge checklist

Requirements to have a Plus badge on your listing include:

Check your seller performance

  1. Ensure your seller level is either ‘Above Standard’ or ‘Top Rated’ by posting your items on time and promptly resolving buyer claims.
  2. Ensure you don’t have a ‘Very High’ rating in any category of your service metrics
  3. Ensure you are complying with eBay’s set of selling policies.

Check your listings

  1. Ensure your item location and return address is located in Australia.
  2. Your items need to be listed in fixed price format, for at least $9.90.

Check your postage setup

  1. Set up a business policy for the remaining eBay Plus postage requirements. You can set up the postage rate tables within this policy to specify free standard domestic postage*, a reasonably priced express postage option for metro areas** and 0-1 day handling.
  2. You must also set up a returns policy that accepts 30+ day returns*** and choose which of your listings to apply these policies to. 

Upload valid Tracking

  1. You upload valid tracking for at least 95% of your eBay plus orders. 
  2. Meet your handling time promise. 
  3. Offer and send your eBay Plus orders with express delivery to metro buyers 

Note: eBay may exempt sellers from one or more of these criteria, or remove sellers from participation in eBay Plus at its absolute discretion.

*Free domestic postage

  • Free postage nationwide within Australia, with no additional charge for multiple items.

  • You can charge for postage to external territories (Norfolk Island, Antarctic Bases, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Island).

  • You may exclude PO Boxes if your carrier doesn't deliver there.

  • Listings with an "Untracked Letter" service as the only free postage option are not eligible for eBay Plus.

**Express postage option to metro areas

  • Required if your free postage option isn't an express service.

  • Not required in categories where items are generally oversized and/or require special handling. Examples include alcohol, batteries, furniture, whiteware, power tools, landscaping supplies, musical instruments, sporting equipment and vehicles. For full details, download the list of categories where an express option is not required.

  • "Reasonably priced" means you should only charge buyers the upgrade cost from standard to express postage. (For example, if your carrier charges $6 for standard postage and $10 for express, then you should only charge the buyer $4 for express postage.) There is a $15 maximum express postage cost for badge eligibility.

***Accept 30+ day returns

  • Your listing's return policy indicates you accept returns within either 30 or 60 days.

  • Not required on items thatwhich can't be returned for hygiene or safety reasons. Download the list of categories we consider non-returnable

  • You don't have to offer free returns (i.e. seller pays return postage), but we recommend it because it's great customer service and will help encourage all shoppers to buy from you – not just eBay Plus members.

Once eligible

We’ll apply  a contribution of up to $2.50 for listings under $15 and $4 for listings $15 and over for the cost of sending your parcels with express postage.

Please ensure you send your eBay Plus metro orders with the correct express postage service. eBay will reverse the express postage contribution that was paid if an item was sent with a standard service rather than express (as defined in our Express service list). The tracking number provided will be used to verify the type of service that has been used.

What is classified as valid tracking?

A tracking number is classified as valid if:

It’s uploaded to the order.

The carrier used is an eBay integrated carrier.

At least one tracking event/scan is recorded in My eBay.

Tracking improves the shopping experience for buyers and helps protect you against negative delivery Feedback or ‘Item not received’ reports. It also means we can provide more accurate delivery estimates based on carrier performance.

Categories with special requirements

  • Bulky items or items that require special handling do not require express postage to be eligible for eBay Plus. You will not be required to upgrade to express postage for these items (nor will you receive the express postage contribution). You still need to offer free standard postage excluding some remote locations.^ Download the list of categories that do not require an express option.
  • Non-returnable items such as swimwear, perfume and dental care products do not require returns to be eligible for eBay Plus. The list of categories that no longer require returns to be Plus-eligible can be found Download the list of categories we consider non-returnable

Hear about eBay Plus from a seller

eBay Plus recommended carriers

  • eBay Postage Labels
  • Australia Post Express
  • Sendle
  • Australia Post Express Service
  • Express Post Envelopes
  • Express delivery (listing level generic service)
  • Star Track Express
  • Toll Consumer Delivery
  • Courier (listing level generic service)
  • TNT
  • DHL Express
  • Couriers Please
  • Direct Freight Express
  • Hunter Express
  • Allied Express
  • 4PX Express

Opting out of eBay Plus

The eBay Plus badge only appears on listings that meet the new criteria. If you do not wish to have any of your listings included in eBay Plus, please contact us.