Seller Protections

Seller Protections on eBay

When you consistently deliver good buying experiences, we'll protect you from abusive buying behaviour and from events outside your control. These include:

  • Automatic seller protection
  • Protection from abusive buying activity
  • Events outside your control
  • Protection from eBay Money Back Guarantee requests
  • Protection for eBay Plus sellers
  • International selling protection

Report a buyer

If you feel a buyer has violated our rules and policies, you can report a buyer. This helps us monitor buyer activity to protect you as well as the rest of the selling community.

  1. Report a buyer

  2. Report an unpaid item

Automatic seller protection

eBay uses large-scale, automated detection systems across millions of transactions every day to identify and block buyers who consistently break our buying policies. We may automatically remove negative or neutral Feedback when:

  • We know that a buyer consistently leaves neutral or negative Feedback that is inconsistent with a seller’s overall performance

  • We identify a buyer is trying to get an unauthorised refund or avoid paying for a return

  • We stop suspended buyers from returning by identifying linked accounts or aliases

Protection from abusive buying activity

When we determine that a buyer has violated the abusive buyer policy, we'll remove any negative or neutral Feedback and defects posted by that buyer, including opened cases in service metrics.

We have specific protections available for these situations:

  1. You’d offered free returns, but an item is returned after it was used or damaged by the buyer

  2. A buyer retracted their bid or didn't pay

  3. A buyer demanded something not offered in the original listing

Learn more about how we protect sellers against  abusive buying activity.

Events outside your control

An item arrived late but tracking shows that you sent it on time

We automatically adjust your late shipment rate and remove Feedback when:

  • The carrier scan shows you sent the item within your handling time, even if it arrives late

  • The carrier scan shows the item arrived by the estimated delivery, even if you sent it late

If the buyer doesn't indicate the shipment was late, it won't count as a late shipment even if there is no tracking or the carrier didn't scan the shipment.

Severe weather, natural disaster or carrier disruptions caused an item to arrive late

We automatically adjust your late shipment rate, remove cancelled transaction defects and remove negative and neutral Feedback when:

  • Your shipment was affected by delivery delays caused by weather, a natural disaster or other disruptions to carrier services. These may be listed on eBay Announcements.

  • The shipment receives a carrier scan within your handling time, even if the item arrives late

  • The shipment receives a delivery scan within the estimated delivery date range, even if you sent it late

  • eBay instructs you to hold a shipment or cancels the transaction

Protection from eBay Money Back Guarantee requests

If a buyer reports that an item hasn't been received

If you send an item within your stated handling time and upload tracking, from one of eBay's integrated carriers, before the estimated delivery date, you're protected.


Tracking information needs to include:

  • A delivery status of "delivered" (or equivalent in the country to which the item was delivered);

  • The date of delivery;

  • The recipient's address, showing at least the city/suburb or postcode (or international equivalent) that matches the address in the eBay order details; and

  • Signature confirmation, if the total order cost (total of item(s), postage and any applicable tax) is  $750 or more

Learn more about signature confirmation requirements and see details about other protections from eBay Money Back Guarantee requests.

Protection for Above Standard and Top Rate sellers

Above Standard & Top Rated sellers qualify for protections where:

  • A buyer falsely claims an item was not as described
  • An item is returned after it was used or damaged by the buyer

Learn more about protections for Above Standard and Top Rated sellers.

International selling protection

Across the globe, we want buyers on eBay to have a great experience. With differences in delivery and postal services, we’ve developed four regional performance standard programs to set the standards of the region into which you sell an item. Australia is part of the eBay Global Seller Standards program. While you should always provide great customer service, if you export to other regions, you will need to meet the standards of that region. Transactions in other regions however won’t affect your standing on, as long as you remain Above Standard in the Global performance standards program.

Protection exclusions

There are a number of reasons why you as a seller and/or your transactions may be excluded from eBay seller protections. These include violations of eBay selling policies, falsely representing your identity or items, and items in certain categories.


You’ll find full details on eligibility on our eBay seller protections page.