Seller Hub

Seller Hub

The Seller Hub is your one-stop-shop for managing and growing your eBay business.

  • Manage your listings – You'll find all the listing, reporting, and order management functionality of My eBay, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro
  • Monitor your business – You can create custom dashboards to track listing activities, sales, costs, traffic data and more
  • View payouts – If you're a seller whose payments are being managed by eBay, you can view previous payouts, find out when you'll receive your next payout and check if you have any funds on hold
  • Analyse business performance – You'll receive personalised insights, as well as tips to improve your business

The Seller Hub is organised by tabs so it’s easy to navigate. Below you will find more information about each of these tabs.

If you’re not yet opted in to Seller Hub, opt-in now.

Overview Tab

A personalised snapshot of how your eBay business is performing. We’ve included 15 modules on the page that you can tailor to display information that’s most important to you.


Keep an eye on the Promotional Offers section of your Overview tab for any listing or selling offers you can apply to your business.

Orders Tab

See all your selling activity on one screen. View orders within a specific time period or filter by:

  • Awaiting payment
  • Awaiting dispatch
  • Paid and dispatched
  • Cancelled orders
  • Return requests
  • Resolution Centre requests


To take action on a sold listing, such as marking it as dispatched or leaving Feedback, tick the box beside the listing(s) and choose your action from the drop-downs above.

Listings Tab

Our advanced listing tool helps you list your items quickly and easily. From the listings tab you can:

  • Enter all of your information into a new, streamlined listing form
  • Add photos directly to your listing
  • Easily add variations for multi-variation listings
  • Edit multiple listings at once for greater efficiency
  • Have up to 5,000 drafts or scheduled posts at a time

Note: Drafts will expire after 30 days if not published

Marketing Tab

Access and personalise your eBay Store, promote your listings and use our Promotions Manager tools.

Performance Tab

Dig deeper into your overall business performance with detailed analytics on sales, traffic to your listings and your current seller level.

Payments Tab

For sellers who have been activated for eBay to manage their payments, the Payments tab in Seller Hub provides you with one place to manage your eBay payouts, expenses and transaction reporting. You can see your pending and available funds and change your bank details or payout schedule. More information on eBay managing payments can be found here.

Research Tab

All sellers have free access to a Research tab with insights about what, when and how to sell on eBay, powered by Terapeak. With Terapeak Product Research, you can research what your competitors are doing, how they’re doing it, and how you can improve your own listings on eBay.