Tracking on eBay

Handling items quickly and tracking orders benefits both you and your buyer by managing shopper expectations and protecting you against buyer claims.

The Importance of Tracking on eBay

Learn everything you need to know about tracking your eBay parcels from:

  • Why tracking is important
  • Which eBay orders need tracking
  • How to upload tracking on eBay
  • Top Tips and Tricks for tracking

Benefits of Tracking Orders


Happier customers: Buyers get regular delivery updates, so they know where their item is and when they can expect it. This can mean a reduction in customer contacts by 23%* & “item not received” requests.


Protection: Uploading valid tracking may grant you protections for  “item not received” claims. Click here to find out how.


Accurate Delivery Estimates: Valid tracking allows us to make more confident delivery predictions based on actual carrier performance.


Inclusion in eBay Plus: eBay Plus requires all sellers to upload tracking on their Plus orders in order to retain the badge.

*Based on all transactions on from January to October 2021.

Tracking x Payment Holds

From February 2022, eBay started applying payments holds for certain transactions where a tracked shipping service was selected. These holds are transaction based and the funds from orders are held until a tracking scan from the carrier shows that the item is on its way to the buyer. If no valid tracking is uploaded, funds will be held until three days after the latest estimated delivery date. 

Tracking payment holds are designed to encourage sellers to upload tracking on all their orders where they specify a tracked shipping service. Providing valid tracking on your orders can help reduce ‘Item Not Received’ claims and also means buyers can see where their parcel is through the tracking information rather than messaging you asking where their parcel is. 

Learn more about payment holds →

Difference Between a Tracked and Untracked Service

We understand that sometimes sellers may send items in untracked letters due to the nature of the items they sell. Unless an untracked service (specified below) has been selected, valid tracking is required. 

We consider the below delivery options as untracked: 

  • Australia Post Domestic Regular Letter Untracked
  • Local Pick Up
  • Click and Collect from the retailer
  • Australia Post Domestic Priority Letter Untracked
  • Australia Post International Economy Sea 
  • Australia Post International Economy Air
  • International Economy: untracked service

All other postage services available for sellers to select when listing an item on eBay are considered trackable services. 

What is classified as Valid Tracking?

A tracking number is classified as valid if:

A tracking number is uploaded to the order; AND

The carrier used is an eBay integrated carrier; AND

At least one tracking event/scan** is recorded in My eBay.

**Manifest or information scans/events are not considered stent valid tracking events. The tracking event/scans must indicate the parcel is in transit to the buyer.

Top Three Tips for Tracking on eBay

1. Choose the correct postage service used on your listing 

Choosing the correct postage service on your listings sets expectations with buyers on how their item will be posted. It also allows eBay to make accurate predictions on the parcel’s estimated delivery date.  

2. Upload the tracking number when you send the item. 

This may grant you protections for ‘Item not received’ claims. If you send the buyer their tracking number in a message, this won’t protect you from claims. Learn more here.

3. Ensure you’ve entered the correct tracking number. 

If you’re inputting the tracking number manually, double-check that it is correct to ensure it’s recognised as valid tracking.

How to Upload Tracking on eBay

When you purchase your postage service and print your postage labels on eBay, tracking is uploaded automatically.  This saves you time and provides a seamless customer experience. The eBay Labels Platform offers postage options starting at $5.55 for businesses and $6.20 for standard postage, with access to pick-up or drop-off services and the ability to create and print postage labels for all your shopping channels in bulk.

eBay Virtual Tracking Number

For sellers who are using an Australia Post product^, eBay’s Virtual Tracking Number has got you covered. This is an alphanumeric code ('ebay' + 7 characters) that ensures we receive accurate tracking information and gives your buyers more visibility on the delivery of their items. Remember to not remove or interfere with the code on your orders to ensure we get your tracking.

^f you’re not using a manifested product (for example, you’re purchasing postage in store), be sure to continue to upload tracking to eBay.

Uploading Tracking for Digital Goods

If you are sending digital goods it's still important that you fill out tracking information for your order. Simply use 'Email Delivery' as the carrier name and for the tracking number, enter something that works for you to easily track the transaction (i.e. JOHN12364HOTMAILCOM or EMAILSENT1203AEST25062020).


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