Choosing the right tools for your business

Sometimes great inventory and perfect listings are not enough to differentiate yourself as a seller in a large marketplace. Luckily, running promotions can help you generate sales and incentivise buyers to seal the deal!

Which tools to use and when to use them

The best promotional tool for your business can depend on a variety of factors, such as:

1. Your goals for the promotion

Promotional tool
Goals for your promotion
Coded coupons
  • Encourage repeat purchases 

  • Offer a one-time discount instead of adjusting an item’s price permanently

Volume pricing
  • Increase your average order size

  • Improve profit margins

Sale events + markdowns
  • Attract new buyers 

  • Close old product lines to make room for new ones

Order discounts 
  • Increase order size

  • Increase the average value of your sales

  • Save on shipping costs

  • Decrease certain inventory

2. The price of your items and their purchase frequency

  • For low to mid priced items with mid to high sales volumes —  Try volume pricing and order discounts.
  • For higher priced items with mid to high sales volumes — Try sale events
  • For higher priced items with lower sales volumes —  Try sending offers to interested buyers.

3. The time of year

Everyday or “evergreen” promotions

Running promotions on a regular basis, across different items can help boost your Store’s traffic.

Tip: Change the items on promotion regularly to keep buyers interested and coming back for more!

Key retail moment promotions

Running a promotion for special events throughout the year, such as Black Friday, Christmas or Halloween, for example.

Running promotions when it suits you

Running promotions to take advantage of excess inventory, to flip last season’s items or when you have capacity.

Promotional best practices

Do’s, don’ts and tips for running successful promotions.

Running multiple promotions at the same time

If you have multiple promotions running, here’s how we’ll prioritise them:

  1. Volume pricing 
  2. Coded coupons
  3. Order discounts
  4. Sale event + markdown
  • Volume pricing with coded coupons or order discounts — We’ll apply only the single best discount, based on what the buyer has in their cart. 

  • Markdown sale or a combined postage promotion We’ll apply volume pricing on top of your discounted price.

​​Promotion do’s and don’ts

Making sure your offers are optimised and relevant to buyers is what really helps boost your sales. Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider when running promotions.

  • Create strategic promotions — Choose items that naturally go together to make promotions relevant to buyers. Try grouping similar items together, or those that are complementary, like chairs with a table. 
  • Time your promotions — Run promotions at specific times of year. For example, run a promotion on garden furniture in the spring and participate in key retail moments like Black Friday.
  • Monitor and test your promotions — Use the promotions dashboard and reports to see how well promotions are working and adjust them accordingly.
  • Know your costs — This will allow you to provide a worthwhile discount while maintaining profits.
  • Know your stock Only discount items where you have high enough stock levels.

Ready to run your own promotion?