Seller performance: seller standards and service metrics

Part of keeping eBay a great place to buy and sell means helping sellers provide great experiences for buyers. We use seller standard levels and service metric ratings to measure how well sellers are meeting buyer expectations.

Seller standards policy

The seller standards policy measures whether sellers are meeting or exceeding our minimum standards. All sellers are required to maintain the following performance standard for their listings on within their evaluation period:

We evaluate your performance on the 20th of each month based on your recent sales, and assign you one of the following seller standard levels, Top Rated, Above Standard or Below Standard.

If you are Below Standard, we may put limitations on your selling activity until your performance improves.

Service metrics policy

Sellers are expected to minimise the number of times that buyers report that items haven’t arrived or request  returns because items don’t match listings. We measure this by looking at your:

Rather than simply measuring these as a percentage of your sales, we compare your rates to those of sellers with similar items, prices, postage options and terms of sale. Your service metrics are evaluated on the 20th of each month, and you'll be rated as Low, Average, High or Very High compared to fellow sellers.

If you are Very High for either “item not received” or “Item not as described”, we may put measures in place to help manage buyers’ expectations when ordering from you.

Your Seller Dashboard

Check your seller standard level on your Seller Dashboard and your service metrics ratings on your Service Metrics Dashboard. Both are available on the Performance tab of Seller Hub.

We evaluate sellers on the 20th of each month. Your evaluation is based on your last 12 months of sales, or the last three months, if you’ve sold more than 400 items during that time period.