eBay Postage Labels

Save time by purchasing and printing your Australia Post and Sendle labels right here on eBay.

Benefits of eBay Postage Labels

With eBay Postage Labels, you can pay for your postage and print Australia Post and Sendle postage labels, all on eBay. You’ll also benefit from:

Bulk label printing feature to pay for postage, and print labels for multiple orders at once

Tracked postage starting from $4.84* for same-city deliveries

Automatically added address information

How to use eBay Postage Labels

  1. Once your item is sold, go to the Orders tab in Seller Hub to see all orders ready to be posted
  2. Select one or more sold items to purchase postage labels for
  3. Click ‘Print postage label’
  4. Select postage options and create your label
  5. Print your postage label
  6. Package your item and attach postage label
  7. Send your item via pick-up or drop-off

Printer-free postage

No printer? No problem, thanks to Sendle’s printer-free pickup and delivery.

Sending your item has never been easier. You can now schedule a parcel pickup from home without having to print a postage label, by choosing Sendle’s printer-free pickup service on eBay.

How does printer-free postage work?

  • Once your item sells, you will receive a sales confirmation email from eBay

  • Login to your My eBay account, select Selling and ‘Print postage label’ button

  • Book Sendle Printer-Free Pickup in the eBay Labels platform

  • Prepare your parcel for collection, including this information clearly written on the packaging to avoid any issues with pickup:

    • Tracking code (7-digit Sendle reference number that looks like this: S3NDL3R)

    • Buyer name and delivery address

    • Your address, on the reverse side of the parcel

  • Have the parcel ready for collection from 8am on the day of pickup

  • The driver will arrive at the pickup location, identify the parcel based on the handwritten details, and attach the barcode sticker

Keep in mind, if you need to edit any details or prefer drop off, simply cancel the original booking before midnight the day before pickup is scheduled, and rebook with the ‘Drop Off’ option.You will need to print out the label if you want to drop off the parcel.

Packaging your orders

With prepaid postage on eBay, you can use any type of packaging you have. Simply attach the postage label and you're ready to send!

Alternatively, you can buy packaging from our eBay packaging store with free delivery, or purchase packing from Sendle or Australia Post.


See the pricing options for eBay Postage Labels, based on which postage provider you choose.

Sendle standard rates

Save up to 20% on Sendle labels when purchased on eBay. Choose to drop-off your parcels at a convenient location or schedule a home/office pickup for no extra cost. Sendle labels include transit cover up to $100 for Sendle 250g and up to $300 for 500g+ deliveries.

Sendle 250g tracked deliveries

Selling a lightweight item? Send packages under 250g with tracking for up to 51%* less with Sendle. Learn more.
*Sendle 250g same city vs Australia Post 500g deliveries.

All Sendle deliveries require a physical street address (Sendle can't deliver to post offices, PO boxes, locked bags, parcel lockers or parcel collect locations). Bear in mind, Sendle currently does not offer signature on delivery. Under eBay’s Money Back Guarantee policy, where a buyer claims that an item has not been received, one of the things sellers are required to provide in order to prove successful delivery for items valued at $750+ is signature confirmation. 

Sendle rates are discounted on eBay by up to 20% (excluding remote locations) and vary by sender and receiver location. Select the tab from where you are sending from to see the rates:

Same City Near Metro Near Capital National
250g $5.02 $5.57 $6.07 $6.18
$6.83 $7.24 $7.75 $8.32
$9.81 $10.06 $10.78 $11.79
$10.23 $11.27 $12.31 $13.49
$10.34 $12.30 $13.43 $14.72
$10.56 $18.20 $19.88 $21.78
$11.81 $28.31 $30.95 $33.93
$13.61 $32.57 $35.62 $39.06

*Excluding Sendle's fuel surcharge. Fuel surcharge may vary each month.

Sendle discounted business rates

If you post an average of 20 or more parcels per week, you may be eligible for discounted business postage labels with Sendle, which are now available on the eBay Labels Platform, starting from $4.84 (excluding fuel surcharge). This includes both Sendle's pickup and drop off services. To qualify for discounted business rates with Sendle, you must meet the following criteria over a consecutive 8 week period*:

  • Minimum of 160 Sendle postage labels printed

Once you qualify, you'll see the discounted rates for Sendle delivery options when buying and printing postage labels on eBay*. 

Sendle 250g pickups for businesses

Business sellers of lightweight items who send over 150 parcels monthly per pickup location, and based in a metro area, will be eligible for the Sendle 250g pickup service.  Pickups are at no extra cost and also includes Sendle transit cover up to $100.

Read the Sendle 250g Tracked Postage Service FAQs

Sendle rates vary by sender and receiver location. Select the tab from where you are sending from to see the rates:

Weight/Volume Same City Near Metro Near Capital National
250g $4.84 $5.27 $5.76 $6.28
500g/2L $6.16 $6.83 $7.47 $8.01
1kg/4L $8.15 $9.44 $9.72 $11.07
3kg/12L $8.22 $9.99 $10.00 $12.60
5kg/20L $8.52 $11.97 $12.56 $14.34
10kg/40L $8.70 $16.01 $16.07 $20.78
20kg/80L $8.93 $19.68 $20.90 $33.12
25kg/100L $10.29 $21.21 $22.07 $38.14

*Excluding Sendle's fuel surcharge. Fuel surcharge may vary each month.

Australia Post

Sellers can prepay for their Australia Post postage labels on eBay, add signature on delivery or insurance if required, and drop their parcels at a Post Office. 

Find Australia Post's domestic postcode guide here. Only Australia Post Packaging Products labelled Small, Medium, Large or X-Large are eligible for size-based national flat rates. Other products are assessed based on Physical or Cubic Weight whichever is larger. For parcels 5 kilograms or more, we calculate postage based on a fixed amount plus a cost per kilogram, depending on the destination.

As of 3 July 2023, Australia Post will change prices to the following:                                           

Size Parcel post Express post
S (500g) $10.60
M (1kg) $14.50 $18.50
L (3kg) $18.25 $22.75
XL (5kg) $21.95 $29.95


Cubic Weight

Australia Post will assess charges according to the parcel’s Physical Weight or Cubic Weight equivalent, whichever is greater. The Cubic Weight is the parcel’s volume in cubic metres multiplied by 250. Australia Post reserves the right to apply Cubic Weight Charges to all parcels, but is more likely where a parcel is large in size or irregular or cylindrical in shape. Cubic Weight Charging is not applicable to eligible Australia Post packaging products.