Seller Protections and Policies

Seller Protections

When you consistently deliver good buying experiences, we'll protect you from abusive buying behaviour and from events outside your control.

eBay Selling Policies

We have a number of policies to ensure eBay remains Australia’s top online marketplace. These policies set the rules for how buyers and sellers interact and trade on eBay. You can browse all of our selling policies via eBay Help.

Seller Performance and Service Metrics

Part of keeping eBay a great place to buy and sell means holding sellers to account for providing great customer experiences. We use seller levels and service metrics to measure how well sellers are meeting customers’ expectations.

Customer Service and Issue Resolution

Providing great customer service will lead to a better experience for your buyers, improving your Feedback score and customer ratings.

Great customer service on eBay includes:

  • Communicating With Buyers

  • Handling Returns

  • Setting up Buyer Requirements

  • Managing Your Business Policies

Feedback and Seller Ratings

After every transaction, buyers and sellers can rate each other by leaving Feedback. You can find your Feedback score next to your username, whenever it’s displayed on the site.

Buyers can rate a transaction with a seller as positive, neutral or negative. Sellers can rate a transaction as positive. Both buyers and sellers can leave a short comment describing their experience.