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Enhance the quality of your new listings and establish trust with your buyers through these new improvements. Here are some that can help you best represent your trading cards in new listings.

An updated grading system for single trading cards

We’ve moved from Used, to Graded and Ungraded.

  • Graded: Add the relevant grader, numerical grade and the certification number (recommended).
  • Ungraded: Select the appropriate card condition that best fits the state of the card. Use the tables below for reference.

This change will affect all single trading cards in the following categories:

  • Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop > Sports Trading Cards > Trading Card Singles
  • Collectibles > Non-Sport Trading Cards > Trading Card Singles
  • Toys & Hobbies > Collectible Card Games > CCG Individual Cards

Starting 23 October, 2023, you'll be required to use one of our new conditions and their respective condition descriptors when revising your existing listings for single trading cards. In addition, sellers who use the 'Bulk Listing' and 'Editing' tool will also be required to use one of the new conditions and their respective condition descriptors when creating listings via the 'Relist' and 'Sell Similar' options.

For sellers using APIs to list, new listings will require the new grading system on 23 October 2023 and existing listings on 22 January 2024.

Know your card’s condition

  Near Mint
or Better
Excellent Very
Corners Minor chipping Moderate corner wear with multiple dinged corners Rounding on all four corners Major rounding with one or more corners missing
Edges Minor chipping Slightly rough edges with moderate chipping and/or light indentations Moderate-to-heavy chipping and/or indentations Major chipping and indentation with paper loss
Discoloration None Minor (e.g. wax stains on the reverse) Moderate to major Major discoloration over a large area
Minor Moderate Moderate to major Major
Creases None Minor surface wrinkles Moderate with multiple creases allowed Multiple major creases
Minor Moderate Moderate to major, some slight paper loss Major scratches/
scuffing with paper loss, tears, and pinholes
Staining None Minor Moderate to major Major

Please note

According to eBay’s card conditions guidelines, the most significant flaw will anchor the condition of the card. To offer a more accurate description to the buyers, we encourage you to be conservative with the condition evaluation of your card and err on the safe side. These guidelines apply to the raw or ungraded Item Conditions only and do not relate to the grade of a card, which must be determined by a professional grader. This policy is also not meant to evaluate the condition of autographs, stamps, or inking on the card. Sellers should clearly identify damages or defects within the item description of their listing.

Share multiple, clear images

  • Front
  • Back
  • Any significant blemishes
  • Any grading labels

Tips on taking great photos

  • Use white backdrops to increase visibility.
  • Turn off the flash. Use soft, diffused lighting.

Title the cards correctly

Use relevant keywords in a logical, readable order, including:

  • Year
  • Brand and edition
  • Player name(s)
  • Special features (rookie, autograph, etc.)
  • Grading details (grading company and grade)

Here’s an example: 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle Rookie PSA 6.5