Promotional Tools

As an eBay seller, you get access to free promotional tools to entice buyers, drive sales and save time.

Coded Coupons

Coupons let you offer your buyers a discount through a Coupon Code. You can choose listings, control your budget and share your code publicly (on or privately through your own marketing channels. These new Coded Coupons replace the previous Codeless Coupons.

Promotions Manager

Running promotions can help attract more customers, increase basket size, and set your listings apart from the competition. With Promotions Manager, you can run promotions to clear old stock, sell complementary products and create unique offer pages to increase the visibility of your inventory. 

You can run a range of difference offers including order discounts, codeless vouchers and promotional postage.

Postage Discounts

Postage discounts are a great way to incentivise buyers to add more items to their cart. You can offer either Combined or Promotional Postage Discounts. You’ll save by posting items together, and buyers unlock discounted or free postage for orders over a certain amount.


Combined postage discounts will require you to have combined payments enabled. Buyers pay postage for whichever item is most expensive to post. You can then set a flat postage rate or a discount percent for each additional item.


Promotional postage discounts encourage buyers to spend more by offering free or discounted postage with a minimum order value, or cap the maximum postage buyers pay for one order.

Sending and Receiving Offers

Speed up your Buy It Now and auction sales by accepting Best Offers from buyers, sending Offers to Buyers, or replying to a buyer query with an offer.

  • Best offer: Adding a Best Offer option to your Buy it Now or auction listings invites buyers to negotiate with you. When a buyer makes an offer, you can accept, decline, or make a counteroffer.
  • Sending Offers to Buyers: With Offers to Buyers you can target buyers already interested in your items, helping you increase sales and drive buyer loyalty. You can also automate how you send offers to save time.
  • Reply with an offer: When buyers contact you about an item or ask a question, you can send them an offer to buy the item at a lower price.

Volume Pricing

With Volume Pricing, you can offer your buyers tiered discounts when they purchase multiple items from your store. The more your buyers purchase, the more they save. 

Volume Pricing on eBay is super flexible. You can  set discount strategies for different groups of inventory, or apply campaigns to individual listings, item IDs (max 500 SKUs), categories, or across your entire inventory. We’ll automatically add new listings to your existing campaigns when they meet the rules you’ve set.

Setting Up Volume Pricing

To add Volume Pricing to your listings, head to your Promotions Dashboard from the Marketing tab in Seller Hub, and select Promotions from the left menu. Click on Volume Pricing from the blue Create a Promotion drop-down. 


You can choose individual items or categories for a campaign, or define the rules, and we’ll automatically apply them to that selection of your inventory. 


Getting Started is Simple: 


  1. Select Create Rules
  2. Give your campaign a name that you can recognise on your Promotions dashboard later
  3. To set a rule, choose All Inventory from the Categories drop-down
  4. Choose the level of discounts you’d like to offer 
  5. Set how long your promotion should - default is 3 years. 
  6. Select Save and Review to return to the first screen.

Running Multiple Promotions

If you have multiple promotions running, here’s the priority we’ll use to display them:

  • Volume Pricing 
  • Coded Coupons
  • Order Discounts
  • Sale Event + Markdown

If you’re using Volume Pricing with Coded Coupons or Order Discounts, we’ll apply only the single best discount, based on what the buyer has in their cart.  If you’re also running a markdown sale or a combined postage promotion, we’ll apply Volume Pricing on top of your discounted price.