Vehicle parts compatibility

Match your vehicle parts & accessories to our catalogue, add parts fitment to your listings and keep on top of our master vehicle list (MVL) to give your listings the best chance at a sale.

What is vehicle parts compatibility?

When you create a parts & accessories listing, we recommend adding parts compatibility (also known as "fitment"). This allows you to add the vehicle years, makes, models, trims, and engines that your part fits (up to 1,000 or 3,000 combinations, depending on the category), so  buyers can find the right parts for their vehicle.

If your item is not vehicle-specific, such as sun shades or floor mats, select “yes” for the ‘universal fitment’ item specific, under the ‘recommended’ or ‘additional’ sections of your listing.

Why add fitment data to your listings?

Fitment information helps buyers easily find the correct items for their vehicles.

  • It increases your sales potential and visibility on eBay. 
  • It better matches you with buyers searching for your items, and maps your listings to the vehicles buyers have saved in My Garage. 
  • It reduces the amount of returns and time spent managing buyer queries and complaints.

eBay seller saw a 46% average year-on-year increase in sales after adding fitment data to their eligible listings^

What the numbers say

In average sales potential for sellers who add fitment information to their listings.*

40% increase

Shopping parts & accessories have a vehicle saved in their eBay Garage.*

1 in 2 buyers

A car or truck part is purchased on***

Every 3 seconds

How buyers search for vehicle parts on eBay

When searching for vehicle parts and accessories on eBay, buyers use the parts finder to ensure the products fit their vehicle. This filters the search results to show only relevant products. 

When buyers use the parts finder, their vehicle is saved to My Garage, so they can filter any P&A search to only show products relevant to their vehicle in future.

[TIP] Complete as many item specifics as possible, including ‘brand’ which is required to match your items with searching buyers. Learn more about item specifics.

How to add fitment to your listings

  1. Gather all information about the part or accessory, including the brand,Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), make, model and variant, to ensure buyers can find products that are compatible with their vehicles. You can use the master vehicle list (MVL) to compare your item information with the eBay data to create your listing.
  2. Decide how you’re going to list your product. You can list your products one at a time or in bulk using eBay tools or third-party tools.

Creating a single listing

Click on ’sell’ at the top of most eBay pages to create a listing as you would for any other item.

After you’ve entered detail aboout what you’re selling and chosen the right category, be sure to include the brand and MPN. The MPN is a series of unique numbers and/or letters that are assigned to a part by the manufacturer. It identifies the part as belonging to and originating from that manufacturer.

Next, select 'Add' compatible vehicles and enter all the vehicle information for your item. At a minimum, include:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Variant

Buyers are searching for parts to fit their particular vehicles, so it’s important to be accurate when adding compatible vehicles, to avoid returns.

You can add up to 3,000 vehicles that your part is compatible with. Use the master vehicle list (MVL) with Seller Hub Reports Tool to add parts compatibility data to your listings in bulk.

When you’re updating a listing, make sure to add as many 'recommended' item specifics as you can. These are based on frequently searched terms and help buyers find your listings and understand exactly what you’re selling. 

Click 'Save' when you’re done to return to the listing form.

Creating or revising multiple listings

Use the parts catalogue

If you sell in the vehicle parts & accessories category, you have the option to adopt our parts catalogue. There are multiple benefits of adopting the vehicle parts & accessories catalogue, including:

  • A faster and simpler listing process
  • Increased traffic to listings and potentially higher conversion
  • Improved visibility in search
  • Rich features like product reviews
  • Help potential buyers find the exact product fit for their needs

The catalogue allows sellers in most vehicle parts & accessories categories to quickly list items using brand, MPN or GTIN (UPC, ISBN, EAN), and add valuable details such as images, item specifics and parts compatibility.

Download the parts and accessories catalogue 


There are multiple ways to match your listings to the parts catalogue:

Using eBay tools

  • Enter a title, MPN or GTIN (UPC, ISBN, EAN).

  • Review the details of the matching products.

  • Select the product that best matches the item you’re selling.

  • Select the box to prefill the listing with eBay catalogue information.

  • Select item condition and provide any additional listing description information.

    • Add as many ‘recommended’ item specifics as you can.

Using Seller Hub reports

You can use Seller Hub reports to create and revise new listings in bulk. Follow the format of the downloadable template to complete the relevant information for up to 5 categories at a time. Add data into the ‘Relationship’ and ‘Relationship Details’ columns.

Other ways to match your listings to the parts catalogue:

 Using the Merchant Integration Platform (MIP)

  1. Open/create the MIP flat file.

  2. Add a column designated ePID and provide the number that represents your item in the eBay catalogue.

  3. Upload the flat file to associate your items with the eBay catalogue.

Using an API

Adopt the eBay Catalogue by assigning an EPID to your items.

Using third-party integration partners

Contact your integration partner to find out how to associate your listings to eBay catalogue entries or explore one of the following bespoke solutions:

Master vehicle list (MVL)

Manually choose up to 3,000 compatible vehicles per listing, from our master vehicle list (MVL), which includes over 40,000 vehicle models. You can use the MVL with Seller Hub reports to add parts compatibility data to your listings in bulk. 

Assigning compatible vehicles to your listings makes it easier for buyers to find the right parts, and buy with confidence. 

Even if you don’t match your listings to our catalogue, it’s still important to manually add compatibility information to your listings to boost your visibility in search, and avoid duplicate listings.

To access the master vehicle list (MVL), please go to Seller Hub or My eBay and follow the prompts.

If you can’t find a vehicle on our MVL, email us.

Master motorcycle list (MML)

If you have listings in the motorcycle parts categories, use the Master Motorcycle List (MML) so buyers can refine their search by model to find your items.

Use the MML when listing in the following vehicle parts & accessories subcategories:

  • Motorcycle parts (10063)

  • Motorcycle tuning & styling (96382)

  • Motorcycle wheels & tyres (35578)

  • Scooter parts (84149) - later in 2016

Email us about vehicles missing from the MML. Subject like:“MML Missing Vehicle Request”.

Start using parts compatibility

  1. Step one: Learn how to get started using parts compatibility to boost your sales.
  2. Step two: Make sure your parts are visible on our fitment finder, using the information you prepared in step 1. To check whether a category , Download our list of parts & accessories categories to check if a category has fitment enabled

Avoiding duplicate listings

Avoid duplicate listings by clearly demonstrating the difference between your items in the title, price, condition, photos, subtitles, item specifics (like MPN), and parts compatibility.

If you’re selling the same part for different cars, use parts compatibility to avoid unintentional duplicates. If you list with variations, like colour, each variation should be a different product, with different MPNs. If the brand has the same MPN, create a listing for each variation specifying colour as an aspect.

How to Identify Duplicate Listings

Find any duplicates by viewing all of your active listings and sorting by title or price + postage. This will group duplicate or similar items together.

With Seller Hub reports, you can export all of your active listings, sort, and edit in bulk. Make sure you check often to make sure you comply with our duplicate listings policy.

Removing Duplicate Listings

Removing duplicate listings ensures we remain a fair platform, and often results in a substantial increase in sales. If we discover that you have duplicate listings, we’ll compare search scores, number of purchases, and time on site, then remove the listing with fewer sales.

Enhance your listings with Vehicle ePID

Vehicle ePID is a unique product ID located in the MVL. It allows you to enhance the granularity of your fitment data, providing precise vehicle compatibility at a year level.  By offering specific compatibility details, you enhance buyer confidence and drive sales effortlessly.

^Based on average YOY (2021 vs. 2020) sales uplift for 5 x weeks prior to and following eligible listing adoption. The growth in average sales of seller wdfzxy does not reflect or guarantee the potential growth in sales all sellers experience after adding fitment data. This may vary depending on various factors including your inventory, item pricing and sales activity.

*Based on year to date average of conversion rate using parts finder vs. without, as at 25 July 2021

**52% year to date average share of eBay registered users who visit ‘Parts & Accessories’ categories with at least one vehicle in their ‘My Garage’, as at 25 July 2021

*** data, May 2020-2021