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Selling vehicles, parts and accessories

You can sell all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats, as well as parts and accessories, in the Motors category on eBay.

Vehicles, parts and accessories can be listed in the same formats as most other product categories, including auction, Buy It Now and Best Offer. For vehicles, you can also list in Classified Ad format.

Selling a vehicle

Creating an effective Motors listing is much like creating any other listing on eBay. Before you create one, though, you'll need to gather important information about your vehicle such as year, make, model and mileage.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is usually located on the dashboard and is viewable through the windscreen. The VIN is also often located on the door or engine and in your vehicle registration and title documents.

Fees for selling vehicles

Motors fees are calculated differently from other listings, with different listing and final value fees for vehicles. If you choose to set a reserve price for your vehicle and it doesn't sell, you'll be charged a reserve price fee.

Learn more about the fees for selling vehicles.

Changing the price on a vehicle listing

Revising your price may increase your chances of selling your item. You may be able to lower your reserve or Buy It Now price, add a Buy It Now price, or remove the reserve price.



What's allowed

What happens

Lowering your reserve or Buy It Now price

You can lower the reserve or Buy It Now price any time before your reserve is met, or before your listing ends.

When a reserve or Buy It Now price is lowered, all bidders are notified by email, but we don't tell them what the new price is.

However, if you lower the reserve or Buy It Now price below the high bidder's maximum bid, the high bidder's maximum bid is lowered to $1.00 below the new reserve price. Your new reserve price is emailed to the high bidder. This allows the high bidder to confirm that they are still interested in the item.

If you lower the Buy It Now price below the reserve price, the reserve price is lowered to the same amount as the new Buy It Now price.

Adding a Buy It Now price

You can add a Buy It Now price after a listing has received bids. The new Buy It Now price can be any amount above the current high bid.

This option only applies to reserve price listings that have not met the reserve price. You won't be able to add a Buy It Now price if you list your vehicle as a Classified Ad.

If the new Buy It Now price is below the reserve price, the reserve price is lowered to the same amount as the new Buy It Now price. All bidders are notified by email that a Buy It Now price has been added. For the Parts & Accessories category only, the Buy It Now price needs to be at least 10% higher than the starting price.

Removing your reserve price

You can remove the reserve price at any time during a listing.

If you decide to remove the reserve, the reserve price is first lowered to $1.00 above the current high bid. This new reserve price is sent to the high bidder by email. This is done to confirm that the high bidder is still interested in the item.

The next bid that is placed will meet the reserve, and will remove the reserve price. All bidders are notified by email that the reserve has been removed.

If you remove the reserve, you won't receive a credit for the reserve price fee.

How to change your price

Follow these steps to revise your vehicle's price:

  1. From My eBay, select All Selling.
  2. In the row for the item you want to change, from the Actions drop-down menu, select Revise.
  3. On the Revise your listing page, make your changes (grey sections can't be revised).
  4. Select Save and continue, then select Submit changes.

Other terms and conditions

When you lower the reserve price, the high bidder will need to confirm their interest in winning the item – they won't automatically win the item, even if their bid was higher than the new reserve price. The high bidder may have bid on another vehicle when they didn't initially meet your reserve price. If the high bidder still wants to purchase the vehicle, they'll need to bid again at or above the new reserve price or use the Buy It Now option

Ending a listing early

See our page on Ending a listing for more information.

Other terms and conditions

  • You'll still be charged listing fees (such as an insertion fee and any optional feature fees) if you end your listing early, even if you don't sell to the high bidder. If you want to change or improve your listing, consider revising your listing instead.
  • Sellers aren't allowed to cancel bids and end listings early in order to avoid selling an item that did not meet the desired sale price. This is considered to be a violation of our fee avoidance policy. Although there are legitimate reasons for ending a listing early, abuse of this option will be investigated.
  • When sellers list a vehicle on eBay Motors, they are also allowed to sell it locally, like in their local newspaper. If the vehicle sells locally, sellers are allowed to cancel all bids and end the listing early.

Policies and regulations

Sellers are responsible for reviewing and complying with applicable laws. These can include seller licensing rules, title requirements, emissions standards and registration policies.

For example, the following types of listings are not allowed:

  • Deployed or rebuilt airbags and airbag covers
  • Recalled airbags

For more information, read our Vehicle, parts and accessories policy and Product safety policy.

Selling parts and accessories

When creating a listing for parts or accessories, you'll need to specify the item's brand and Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), so make sure you have those handy. The MPN is a series of unique numbers and/or letters that are assigned to a part by the manufacturer. It identifies the part as belonging to and originating from that manufacturer.

In addition, we recommend adding parts compatibility information (also known as "fitment"). Including all the years, makes, models, trims and engines that your part fits helps buyers to find what they're looking for quickly, and buy with confidence knowing that the part will fit their vehicle or motorbike. It also helps protect you in case it doesn't fit the buyer's vehicle after all. Learn more about how returns work for parts & accessories.

Depending on the category, you can add up to 1,000 or 3,000 combinations, meaning you don't need to create separate listings for parts which fit multiple vehicles. If you're selling a product which is suitable for all vehicles, such as floor mats, you can select "Universal Fitment" in the Item specifics section.

For more tips on selling vehicle parts & accessories, you can also visit our Seller Centre - opens in new window or tab.

How to list vehicle parts and accessories

Whenever you create a listing on eBay, you'll be prompted to fill out required and recommended details about your item in the Item specifics section on the listing form. When listing a vehicle part or accessory in one of the relevant categories, you'll also see a Compatibility section.

There are several ways to add item specifics and vehicle compatibility information to your listing.

Use the eBay catalogue

  • When you begin to list your item, you can select a product from our catalogue. If you do this, we'll pre-fill some parts of your listing, including brand, MPN and vehicle compatibility.

Enter item specifics and specify compatible vehicles in the listing form

  • After you've told us what you're selling and chosen the right category, be sure to enter the Brand and MPN in the Item specifics section.
  • In the Compatibility section, select Use list to enter compatible vehicles. Choose Make(s), Model(s) and Variant(s) from the drop-down lists and then the applicable vehicle trim(s). Select Save to add those vehicles to your listing.
  • To add more vehicles or make changes, select Add or edit list.
  • Vehicles that you've entered on previous listings will be shown under Use My Vehicles.

Use the parts catalogue and master vehicle list (MVL) or master motorcycle list (MML) for bulk listings

  • You can use the following files to help you create and update listings in bulk using Seller Hub Reports:
    • The parts catalogue includes details (ePID, Brand, MPN) of a wide range of vehicle parts and accessories
    • The master vehicle list (MVL) and master motorcycle list (MML) are up-to-date lists of vehicle and motorcycle models

Learn more about accessing the parts catalogue, MVL or MML.

There are some parts & accessories categories where you can't add compatibility info. To check whether a category has parts compatibility enabled, download our list of parts & accessories categories - opens in new window or tab.

Tips for an effective title and item description

Item title: Make sure you include search keywords, such as the manufacturer, type of part and OEM/OES reference number in your title. If you've specified compatible vehicles in your listing, you don't need to put them in the title.

Item description: If you've used the eBay product catalogue to create your listing or added vehicles in the Compatibility section of the listing form, all relevant search information will automatically be included in your listing. You don't need to repeat this in the item description, but you should include any additional information about your item here.

Item specifics: Make sure you select item specifics for your item carefully as buyers often search for products using these filters.

Accessing the parts catalogue, master vehicle list (MVL) or master motorcycle list (MML)

Here's how to access these files, which can be used to help add vehicle compatibility information to your listings in bulk:

Master vehicle list (MVL)

To access the master vehicle list (MVL), please go to Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab or My eBay - opens in new window or tab and follow the prompts.

Note: You'll only see the option to download the MVL in Seller Hub/My eBay if you have active listings in the Vehicle Parts & Accessories category that have been live for more than 24 hours.

Parts catalogue and master motorcycle list (MML)

For the parts catalogue and master motorcycle list (MML), please read the terms below before downloading the files.

User Agreement for use of parts catalogue and MML

By downloading and opening the parts catalogue or master motorcycle list (MML) files below, you agree to use the data contained therein exclusively for the purpose of entering item specifics and compatible vehicle or motorcycle models on your new parts listing(s) on eBay. Any further use or dissemination of the data for purposes other than listing on eBay is prohibited and may also constitute a breach of the eBay User Agreement.

When listing an item using the parts catalogue or MML, the seller is responsible for checking the accuracy of their listing, including the compatibility of the vehicle part listed with the vehicles selected.

If you accept these terms, use the buttons below to download the most recent files.

Download parts catalogue files - opens in new window or tab

Published: August 2023

Download master motorcycle list - opens in new window or tab

Published: July 2023
Password: VehicleList

As soon as a new MVL or MML is produced, we automatically update active listings where any existing vehicle or motorcycle details have changed. You only need to manually update your listings if you want to include information on vehicles or motorcycles that have been newly added to the MVL or MML.

To report errors in the parts catalogue, MVL or MML, please email sdsupport@ebay.com with the ePID and changes required.


Although vehicles aren't covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee, you'll still need to specify your returns policy when listing a vehicle.

Parts & Accessories
Whether the buyer has changed their mind or there's a problem with the item, it's important to respond promptly if a buyer asks to return an item. For more information, read our article on handling return requests.

We've also made it easier for buyers to return car and truck parts and accessories that don't fit their vehicle, while protecting sellers who add compatibility information (also known as 'fitment') to the listing.

If the item is listed in a category within Car & Truck Parts & Accessories that has parts compatibility enabled, buyers can request a return if the item doesn't fit their vehicle. As a seller, this means you'll have to accept the return, even if you have a no-returns policy.

However, if you had added parts compatibility information to your listing – either by selecting a product from the eBay catalogue, or by entering item specifics and specifying compatible vehicles – we'll protect you as follows:

  • We'll cover the cost of an eBay return label*
  • We'll automatically remove the return from your 'Not as described' rate in service metrics
  • We'll automatically remove any negative or neutral Feedback left for the transaction

Buyers won't be able to report that an item doesn't fit their vehicle if you had selected the "Universal Fitment" item specific. Learn more about seller protections.

*If the item isn't eligible for an eBay return label, you'll be responsible for providing a way for the buyer to return the item.

If you have set up the RMA number option in your Return preferences, you can select an eBay label when responding to the return from your Returns dashboard.

You can sell all types of vehicles on eBay, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats. If you're selling parts and accessories, adding compatibility information helps buyers find your listing and helps protect you in case it doesn't fit their vehicle.

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