Feedback and Seller Ratings

The eBay Feedback System

Feedback is an integral part of keeping eBay a fair and safe place to trade for both buyers and sellers. This page will cover:

  1. How the eBay Feedback system works
  2. Leaving Feedback for buyers
  3. Detailed seller ratings
  4. Feedback rules
  5. Receiving negative Feedback

How the eBay Feedback System Works

After every transaction, buyers and sellers can rate each other by leaving Feedback. You can find your Feedback score next to your username, whenever it’s displayed on the site. Buyers can rate a transaction with a seller as positive, neutral or negative. Sellers can rate a transaction as positive. Both buyers and sellers can leave a short comment describing their experience.


You can also reply to Feedback you’ve received, or add a comment to Feedback you’ve left for someone else. Sellers can also send buyers a request to revise the Feedback they left. Learn more about responding to Feedback you received.

Leaving Feedback for Buyers

A good time to leave Feedback is once you’ve received payment and you’re ready to dispatch the item. You have up to 60 days from the date of the sale to leave and receive Feedback. Comments are permanent, and you can only leave Feedback once per transaction, so make sure your Feedback is accurate and fair. You can leave Feedback for several items at once, or provide individual Feedback on each item you sell.


How to leave Feedback:

  1. Go to the Orders tab in Seller Hub.

  2. Choose the Item(s), then select Leave Feedback.

  3. Select Positive, enter a comment, then select Leave Feedback.

Detailed Seller Ratings

For additional insight into your performance, buyers can also view and leave detailed seller ratings. These ratings break down a buyer’s Feedback on your performance across  the following areas:

  • Item description: How accurately was the item described?
  • Communication: Did you communicate well with your buyer?
  • Postage time: How quickly did you post the item?
  • Postage and handling charges: Were the costs reasonable?

You can view your detailed seller ratings on the Feedback Forum by entering your username. Five starts is the highest rating.

Feedback Rules

Feedback should accurately reflect the experience of buyers and sellers on eBay so that we can continue to build a great place to buy and sell.  While honest Feedback is encouraged, there are some things we don’t allow, including:


We only remove Feedback in specific circumstances. For full details, read our Seller performance and defect removal policy.