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Seller levels and performance standards

Making sure buyers receive great service from all our sellers is one of our top priorities. Our seller levels and performance standards help you track your performance, and let buyers shop with confidence.

Seller levels

We assess your seller performance on the 20th of each month. Based on your sales history and the quality of service you provide to your buyers, you'll be assigned one of the following seller levels:

  • Top Rated – You're one of the best sellers on eBay, providing a great experience for customers, and you've met certain other criteria
  • Above Standard – You're meeting our minimum standard for sellers and looking after your customers well
  • Below Standard – You're not meeting one or more of our minimum requirements for customer service quality

Take a look at your Seller Dashboard - opens in new window or tab to check your level. If your level is Below Standard, you'll find information on how you can improve.

How your performance is calculated

Your seller performance level is calculated by looking at your transaction defect rate, cases closed without seller resolution and late shipments.

To see how each of these measures can affect your seller rating, please see our article on seller performance standards.

Transaction defect rates and cases closed without seller resolution

One of the key seller performance measures is your transaction defect rate. A defect is added to your account if:

  • You cancel a buyer's purchase because you no longer have the item in stock, or you chose not to send it
  • An 'Item not received' or 'Item not as described' request from a buyer is closed without seller resolution.

See our Top Rated Seller requirements.

To avoid letting down buyers and receiving a defect due to an item being out of stock:

  • Closely manage your inventory – If your stock levels change, end your listing or update the quantity as soon as possible.
  • Check our restock advice – Go to the Research tab in Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab to see which listings are running low.
  • Enable our out-of-stock feature – If you use multi-quantity, Good 'Til Cancelled listings, this feature automatically hides listings when the stock quantity falls to zero.

When a buyer reports that an item didn't arrive or that an item wasn't as described, you can resolve the issue with the buyer by uploading tracking, issuing a refund or accepting a return so the request isn't concluded as the seller's fault.

If eBay steps in to help with an eBay Money Back Guarantee case and you're found to be responsible for the issue, this will result in what we call a "case closed without seller resolution". We count these in your transaction defect rate, and also as a percentage of your transactions closed without you resolving them.

To avoid these cases:

  • Describe your item accurately. Use pictures and include specifics in your listing, so your buyers know exactly what to expect.
  • Use a postage service from an integrated carrier, and ensure you upload tracking to the order before the estimated delivery date. If you choose not to offer tracked services, please ensure that this is reflected in the postage options on your listings.
  • Respond promptly to the buyer's request to prevent eBay needing to step in.
  • Provide clear return and payment policies in your listing.

Late shipment rates

To provide your buyers with a great service, it's important to make sure you send your items on time. Late shipment rates are determined by the percentage of transactions that you either sent after the handling time stated in your listing, or that were not delivered by your estimated delivery date.

We'll only consider a shipment late if:

  • Tracking shows the item was delivered after the estimated delivery date and there's no acceptance scan within your handling time, OR
  • The buyer lets us know that the item was delivered after the estimated delivery date and you don't have tracking or a Delivery Confirmation number that shows it was on time.

Becoming a Top Rated Seller

Becoming a Top Rated Seller indicates that you consistently deliver outstanding customer service. To become a Top Rated Seller you'll need to:

  • Have an eBay account that's been active for at least 90 days
  • Have at least 100 transactions and AU $1,000 in sales during the last 12 months
  • Comply with eBay's selling practices policy
  • Meet the requirements for transaction defect rate, cases closed without seller resolution and late shipment rate (you'll find the requirements in the table below).

If you've met these performance standards requirements on eBay.com.au, we'll automatically upgrade you to the Top Rated Seller status at your next evaluation.

Number of defects that affect your seller rating

Transaction defect rate
Transactions with one or more of the defects listed below are subject to transaction defect rates.


All Sellers

eBay Top Rated Sellers

Maximum percentage of transactions with defects



Maximum number of unique buyers affected before seller status is impacted



Cases closed without seller resolution
Cases where eBay stepped in to review the case and the seller was found responsible. (This applies after the account has exceeded the maximum number of allowed cases.)


All Sellers

eBay Top Rated Sellers

Maximum percentage of cases closed by eBay without seller resolution



Maximum number of cases closed without seller resolution



Late shipment rate
Transactions where you didn't send the item within your handling time or the item was delivered after the estimated delivery date are subject to late shipment rates.


eBay Top Rated Sellers

Maximum percentage of transactions sent late


Maximum number of transactions sent late


Find out more about our Seller performance standards.

If your seller level is Below Standard

Your seller level can to fall Below Standard if your transaction defect rate is above 2% or if your percentage of cases closed without seller resolution is above 0.3%.

Buyers can't see that your seller level is Below Standard. However, since it means that you're not meeting one or more of our minimum standards for sellers on eBay, we'll review your overall account history and we may place limits or restrictions on your account.

The consequences of falling Below Standard can include:

  • Your items may be placed lower in search results
  • We may limit or restrict you from selling on your account and related accounts, or from registering a new account
  • Funds from your sales may be held
  • You'll be charged a higher percentage rate for final value fees
  • You'll be blocked from using the Promoted Listings tool, and will not be able to create new campaigns or edit existing campaigns
  • We may downgrade your eBay Store to the Basic level if you've been Below Standard for more than 60 days
  • You'll no longer be eligible for an eBay Plus badge on your listings
  • You'll be unable to access the partial refund tool.

Usually, we will only apply permanent selling restrictions when your account has been evaluated as Below Standard for at least 2 consecutive months. However, we may take action at any time if we have urgent concerns about your account; for example, if we've detected fraud or if your selling practices pose a threat to the buyer experience. The actions we take will be proportional to the nature of the issue we have identified and what is reasonably required to protect the interests of all eBay users and eBay as provider of the services.

If we apply any limits or restrictions on your account, we'll send you an email to let you know. For information on what steps you can take to improve, see our Seller performance policy.

Detailed seller ratings

For additional insight into a seller's performance, buyers can also view your detailed seller ratings. This is a breakdown of how you've been rated by your buyers in the following areas:

  • Item description – How accurately was the item described?
  • Communication – Did you communicate well with your buyer?
  • Postage time – How quickly did you post the item?
  • Postage and handling charges – Were the costs reasonable?

You can view your detailed seller ratings on your feedback profile page. You'll find stars next to the four different areas, with 1 star being the lowest rating and 5 stars being the highest.

Visit Seller Help to resolve any incorrect defects or improper Feedback.

Your seller performance level is affected by your transaction defect rate, cases closed without seller resolution, and late shipments.

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