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Listing tips overview

Whether you sell a little or a lot, we have a range of tools and options to help you create and manage your listings effectively, and increase your sales.

Read our guides below for information on our range of listing formats and tools, as well as tips on how to generate more interest in your items.

Before creating your listing

Free listings

Discover how many free listings you receive each month.


When creating your listing

Using the business tool

Learn about the business tool on eBay.

Using the new listing tool

Learn about our new unified listing tool.

Item conditions by category

On the listing form, the item condition options can vary depending on the category that you list in. Find out how to choose the best one for your item.

Making your listings more secure

Learn how to make your listings more secure by using HTTPS.

In many categories, you'll be required to enter certain item specifics (details about your item). For more information, see our Seller Centre article on item specifics - opens in new window or tab.


Optimising and promoting your listings

Optimising your listings for Best Match

Find out some top tips for getting a higher placement when a buyer is using a Best Match search.

Promoted listings

Find out how you can use Promoted listings ads to give your listings more exposure on eBay.

Finding your listing

Learn how to locate your listings on eBay.

Page views

Discover how page view data can help boost your selling performance by giving you a better understanding of the traffic going to your listings.

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