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Postage rates for sellers

When a buyer's deciding whether to purchase one of your items, the cost of postage can make a big difference. Offering free postage, or reducing postage charges as much as possible, can help you win over undecided buyers, and grow your business.

How to set competitive postage costs

Here are some tips for when you're setting up your postage charges:

  • Have a look to see what other sellers are charging to post similar items.
  • Consider building the price of postage into the item's price, so you can offer free postage.
  • Use our postage calculator - opens in new window or tab to estimate how much it costs to send your item through various Australia post services.
  • Make sure you're allowing for packaging when checking the item's size and weight.
  • Decide whether you're going to post internationally, or just within Australia.
  • Think about how you want to specify your domestic postage costs:

You can offer more than one postage option to give your buyers a choice. For example, you could offer free standard postage, but charge for an express service.

Our guides below have more information on how you can make your listings more attractive to buyers by offering discounted or combined postage, as well as details on when and how you can change postage costs after your item has been sold.

Postage discounts

Learn how to offer postage discounts and create promotional postage rules.

Offering combined postage

Find out how to combine postage for customers who buy several of your items.

Updating your postage options

Learn when and how you can change postage costs on an item you've already sold.

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