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Paying for items

You can pay for most items on eBay using PayPal, a credit or debit card, or an eBay gift card or voucher, but sellers may offer other options as well.

We're aware of reports that some sellers are charging unfair or unreasonable prices for certain items on eBay. We encourage our community to report any listings they suspect of unfair pricing to us. See our page on Reporting price gouging on eBay for more information and details on how to start a report.

When you buy an item on eBay, whether you won an auction or used Buy It Now, you'll need to pay the seller. You need to pay for purchases within 4 days, but the sooner the seller receives your payment, the sooner they'll send your item.

You'll find everything you’ve bought recently - and whether you've paid - in your Purchase History - opens in new window or tab.

Check for unpaid items - opens in new window or tab

Our guides below will help answer any questions you might have about how to pay for items on eBay.


Ways to pay

Paying with PayPal

Learn how to link your eBay and PayPal accounts together, and what to do if you need help with a PayPal payment.

Paying with a credit or debit card

Discover how to pay for items with a credit or debit card, how to add or update the card saved to your account, and troubleshooting card payment problems.

Vouchers, coupons, gift cards and discounts

Find out how to receive promotions and discounts from eBay, and how to use them to grab a bargain.

Help if you've made a mistake

Cancel an order

Learn how and when you can cancel an order.

Retract a bid

Find out how to retract a bid if you’ve made a mistake.

Contact the seller

If there's an issue with a bid you made or an item you bought, your seller may be able to help.

Appealing an unpaid item

When you buy an item, it's important to pay as quickly as possible. If you haven't paid in 4 days, a seller may open an unpaid item case against you. If a case is opened against you, find out when and how you can appeal it.

Did you know?

Paying tax on eBay purchases

If additional tax (such as GST on items being imported to Australia) is applicable on your eBay purchase, you'll see this indicated on the listing page. The final tax amount will be shown on the checkout page, before you pay.

Best Price Guarantee

If you buy something on eBay and find the same product cheaper elsewhere within 48 hours, we'll give you a voucher for the difference in price, plus an additional 5%. Find out more about eligibility and how to make a Best Price Guarantee claim.

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