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Changing your account settings

If you've moved, have started using a new email address, or any of your personal details have changed, make sure you update your eBay account settings.

Our guides below have everything you need to know about changing your account settings - opens in new window or tab, including how to update your password, username or delivery address, managing the notifications you receive from us, and much more.

Changing your password

Learn how to change your eBay password.

Changing your username

Learn how to change your eBay username.

Changing your contact details

Find out how to update your contact info.

Changing your delivery address

Find out how to update your addresses.

Updating your country and currency settings

Find out how to update your home country and currency on eBay.


Learn how to manage your notifications on eBay.

Managing your subscriptions

Find out how to manage your selling subscriptions on eBay.

Feedback profiles

Find out how to view a member's Feedback Profile, and how to make your own profile either public or private.

Closing your account

Find out how to close your eBay account.

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