20 Family Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

family Christmas gift ideas

Do you have a big family and find Christmas gets expensive when buying for all your children and grandchildren, or your brothers, sisters, cousins, and their kids? Why not shop for one gift for each family, saving you time and money – and encouraging them to enjoy quality time together, or to share some wonderful memories.

The following are our top 20 family Christmas gift ideas that will suit everyone you’re buying for!

food hamper gift basket

Gift Baskets

A gift basket is always a winning gift idea. You can tailor it to suit each family, inclusive of goodies for mums, dads, and kids! There’s sweets or snacks, drinks or luxury items – something for everyone.

Board Games

Encourage family time with board games that are set to have the whole family laughing and problem-solving. You’ll find your favourites, like Scrabble and Hungry Hippo, or you might find something a little unique the family can try.

scrabble board game
flat screen tv


A new TV will never go to waste, with plenty of size options, brands and styles available. You can buy a small spare TV for the family entertainment room, or a large screen smart option for the main lounge. Whatever suits the family’s needs.

Media Streamers

Equip the family with the latest entertainment technology with the addition of a media streamer such as Google Chromecast or Apple TV. Cast your favourite shows and videos onto the living room TV and have fun with the whole family this Christmas.

apple tv
black BBQ with table and grill


From portable styles to large designs that accommodate a full spit roast and veggies, barbecues are an ideal gift idea for the family who loves to eat amazing dishes or enjoys entertaining their friends.

Inflatable Pools

Don’t leave the family hot this Christmas. Instead, why not get them an inflatable pool? You can get pools with balls for toddler fun, pools with slides for older kids, or larger styles for the entire family.

inflatable pool
table tennis table

Table Tennis Tables

A great way to promote exercise for the family, as well as quality family time, a table tennis table is a fun gift idea that will keep them busy throughout the summer holidays, and for years to come.


Home video nights? Check. Films on the big screen (i.e., the wall or garage door)? Check. A projector turns an ordinary movie night into a cinematic experience! You can shop by brand, or you can search for a resolution that works best for the family’s needs.

benq projector
gardening tool kit

Gardening Kits

Gardening kits will keep the whole family busy, and the yard tidy at the same time. They’re suitable for tending to flowers and trees and make it easy to plant and grow your own vegetables and herbs.

Popcorn Makers

What good is a family movie night without popcorn? The kids and adults will love a popcorn maker, a quick and easy way to prepare a healthy snack at any time of day. They’re easy to clean and fun to use.

home popcorn maker
Cuisinart ice cream machine

Ice Cream Machines

Who doesn’t love ice cream? With ice cream machines, you can let your imagination run wild and create different flavours you won’t find in the shops. You can also make healthier versions of your favourite dessert.

Pizza Ovens

Making and cooking pizzas together as a family is a whole lot of fun, and with a pizza oven, you’re guaranteed a delicious outcome. From wood-fired to gas-powered, pizza ovens are a gift that keeps on giving.

pizza oven
matching family Christmas pyjama set plus dog

Matching Christmas Pyjamas

Time for some festive cuteness! A cosy pair of pyjamas is guaranteed to cheer up even the biggest grinch. Add some festive patterns to the materials and you’ll have the whole family laughing. They’ll be comfortable too!

Charging Stations

Most homes today are loaded with technology, from mobile phones to tablets and iPads, iPods and smartwatches. Help the family keep organised with a charging station that suits all of the above, and they’ll never have valuable technology go missing again.

charging station
sandwich press

Grilled Sandwich Makers

Perfect for making delicious lunches, or lazy dinners for the busy family; grilled sandwich makers allow you to experiment with your favourite sandwich flavours. You can use them all year round, and they turn a boring old sandwich into luxury.


Brighten up the home with cushions for the family this Christmas. They can add a splash of colour to darker living areas, or provide a place where the family members can rest their head while watching their favourite shows.

velvet teal patterned cushions
Nintendo switch console

Video Game Consoles

Family fun time will never be the same again with a video game console. You can choose your favourite brand, or shop for an affordable option. Think about which gaming ecosystem the family might want such as Playstation, Xbox or Wii and why not also get them some games to match?

Multi Picture Photo Frames

From tabletop frames to hanging frames, multi picture photo frames provide a stunning way to display your family photos on the wall. There are circle, square, rectangle and oval shapes, made from wood, steel, and so much more.

white multi picture photo frame
throw rug

Throw Rugs

Throw rugs can bring life back into drab beds and couches (while keeping the family warm!), so why not buy the entire family a new rug each? Choose from a full range of materials and designs, from classic stripes to bright flowers, faux fur to superhero prints.

Gift Cards

If you’ve considered all the things we mention on this list, and you’re still stuck for ideas, a gift card will always be a winner! You can buy cards for favourite department stores, grocery gift cards, you can even get them an eBay gift card and let them shop.

gift card