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Download the master vehicle list

Before you can download the master vehicle list, you must accept the following User Agreement.


User Agreement

By using the password and opening the downloadable master vehicle list (MVL) below, you agree to use the MVL data exclusively for the purpose of matching vehicle models to your new parts listing(s) on eBay Motors.

Any further use or dissemination of the data for purposes other than listing on eBay is prohibited.

When listing an item using the MVL, the seller is responsible for checking the compatibility of the vehicle part listed with the cars or vehicles selected.

As soon as a new MVL is produced, we automatically update active listings where any vehicle details have changed. Sellers only need to manually update listings if they want to include information on vehicles that have been newly added to the MVL.

To report errors in the MVL, please email with the ePID and changes required.


Master Vehicle List

Version Publish date Download link
October 2018 15 November 2018 I accept the User Agreement. Download October 2018 MVL.
July 2018 27 July 2018 I accept the User Agreement. Download July 2018 MVL.
April 2018 6 April 2018 I accept the User Agreement. Download April 2018 MVL.

Password for all Master Vehicle Lists: VehicleList