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When you're ready to pay, simply head to checkout. You'll be able to check the details of your order and confirm how and where you want it delivered.

How to check out

If you've got items in your shopping cart, select Proceed to checkout. You can choose to pay for some of your items or all of them at once.

If you've already bought an item, select Pay Now from your Purchase history, the item page or the confirmation email.

Here's how to complete your transaction:

  1. Choose your payment method and enter any required information
  2. Check your delivery address. We'll show your default address, but if you want the item sent somewhere else, select Change. You can then either select another address you've used before, or Add a new address
  3. Do a final check that the item shown is the right one and select a postage option
  4. If you have an eBay voucher or discount offer, enter the redemption code and select Apply
  5. Select Confirm and pay

If you have a particular request for the seller – such as special delivery instructions or details for a custom order – select Message to seller. We'll pass the message along after you've completed your purchase.

Problems with checking out

If you see Transaction cancelled when checking out, you can either try again later, or follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal - opens in new window or tab account
  2. Select Send Money
  3. Choose Pay for eBay items
  4. Select Pay in the action column
  5. Select More Funding Options if you want to change the source of funds for the payment
  6. Choose Send Money to complete the payment

You can also contact PayPal - opens in new window or tab for help.

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