Aussie Seller News - February 2022

See the changes we're making and what they mean for your eBay business. We've written this update in collaboration with eBay sellers, so you can see what they think about the changes too.

We’ve improved the messaging experience between buyers and sellers in the mobile app

This topic was reviewed by Matthew Cummins, eBay seller since 2011

What Matthew  had to say:

“This new change makes it easy to see where all conversations are up to. Rather than having to go hunting through previous messages to find the context of what a buyer is talking about, the full message thread is now there right where you need it. This makes everything a lot more efficient and I don't have to rely on my memory as much either!”

We’re automating some return experiences to save time for you and your buyers

This topic was reviewed by Jason Ramage, eBay seller since 2005

What Jason had to say:

“Simplifying the returns process by using rules we already apply within our own business will automatically free up some time for us.

Super helpful having the 3 day review process for arrived damage or missing parts – hoping INAD falls into this as well to void unfounded returns.

Overall, removing the labour component and using rules we already deploy is a win/win situation for sellers and buyers. Giving buyers a timely response to their request and leaving them feel important in the process."

Selling Manager Pro features will soon be available free of charge

Over the coming weeks, previously subscription-only features of Selling Manager Pro will become available free of charge for all eBay sellers. This means you’ll have access to more ways to simplify and streamline how you manage your business on eBay.

See the latest updates to Promoted Listings


This topic was reviewed by Georgina Bennet, eBay seller since 2004

What Georgina had to say:

“I choose to promote my listings to help customers find my products more easily and therefore increase my sales. I like how eBay has different levels of advertising ranging from a very simple automatic campaign that can be set up with no experience necessary. You can decide on which listings to advertise, set your own budget, and choose which keywords to target. The additional tools and reports eBay has introduced helps to give me more insights and knowledge so I can further optimise my advertising campaigns.”