Introducing smart campaigns and a new dynamic bidding strategy for Promoted Listings Advanced

What you need to know

  • We’re introducing smart targeting for Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns, designed to save you time by simplifying the setup process and automatically updating and maintaining the performance of your ads. Along with this, you’ll get access to additional ad placements for more visibility. 
  • There’s a new dynamic bidding strategy coming soon for Promoted Listings Advanced, which automatically optimises your bids creating a more efficient way of helping you stay competitive. Your keyword bids will automatically be adjusted to match our daily suggestions, taking the guesswork out of having to decide on a bid and keeping your campaigns running efficiently. 

New smart targeting

With smart targeting, you can easily promote your chosen listings, while we take care of bidding and targeting automatically to save you time. Choose between two options: 'smart' for a quick campaign setup and automated management, or 'manual' for more control over setup and ongoing optimisation. 

Additionally, with smart targeting, you can discover new keyword strategies for your manual campaign using the search query report from the smart Advanced campaign, making it easier to reach your advertising goals.

More placements, more visibility

With this release, you’ll also get access to new ad placements, including relevant listings pages and existing slots in search results. This will provide more ways for your listings to get discovered across eBay. Please note, these ad placements are currently only available for smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns.

Next steps

  • To create a smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaign and gain access to the additional placements, choose the ‘smart’ option during the campaign setup. Then select dates, the listings you’d like to promote, set your daily budget and you’re ready to go. Get started
  • Dynamic bidding strategy is coming soon. When available, you’ll see a new option when creating or editing an existing campaign prompting you to “Select your campaign bidding strategy.” You can then choose between the dynamic or fixed strategy.  Don’t worry, you can continue using the fixed bidding strategy and our keyword bids won’t change unless you go back to adjust them. If you’d like, you also can opt to do a one-time match to the daily suggestions but please note, this has to be done manually and won’t continue to update.


Dynamic Bidding FAQs

A campaign bidding strategy is the option you can select to determine how your keyword bids are managed throughout the duration of your campaign. There are two campaign bidding strategies you can choose from: fixed and dynamic.

The dynamic bidding strategy helps you stay competitive and saves you time. That means you don’t have to make daily updates since the keyword bids are automatically updated based on our daily suggested bids.

Suggested bids are meant to help you find an optimal balance between cost and performance. They are calculated using factors that may include item attributes, seasonality, past performance.

Using the fixed bidding strategy, your bid will not change once it has been set. You can edit a fixed bid, but a dynamic bid will do the adjustment on your behalf. You can review your performance and update your campaign bidding strategy at any time.

Keeping your ad campaign competitive in an ever-changing marketplace can be time-consuming. The dynamic bid strategy offers you an effortless way to secure priority access to placements by automatically adjusting your keyword bids to match eBay’s daily suggestions.

The dynamic bid strategy will automatically update each of your keyword bids to align with the daily suggested bid. It saves you time and keeps your campaigns competitive. The fixed bid strategy won’t change once it has been set. You can manually edit a fixed bid, but a dynamic bid will do the adjustment on your behalf.

You have control over which bidding strategy works best for you. You can update your bid strategy at any time by editing your campaign. With quick setup, you’ll be able to choose between a dynamic or fixed campaign bidding strategy. 

If you use dynamic bidding and quick setup together, we’ll set initial competitive keyword bids and update them automatically to the daily suggested keyword bid.

If you use fixed bidding and quick setup together, we’ll set initial competitive keyword bids and your bids will not change automatically once they are set. You can review your performance and update your bids at any time to remain competitive.

Yes you can set up your daily budget for the maximum amount that you’re willing to spend on a single campaign per day. Some days you may spend less than your daily budget, but you will never be charged more than the amount you choose. Once your campaign has reached its daily budget, your campaign will stop serving ads until the next day, when the daily budget resets. Any unused daily budget will not roll over to the next day.

Smart Campaigns FAQs

Promoted Listings Advanced is a cost-per-click advertising solution, which gives you priority access to placements across eBay to get your listings in front of interested buyers and help drive sales. Find out more by visiting our Seller Centre page.

Ads are shown to buyers based on the relevancy of an item to a buyer's search activity. Relevancy is based on a number of factors, including the search query, past performance, and marketplace trends.

You won’t be able to switch your campaign from smart to manual, or vice versa, after your campaign has launched. If you do want to switch, the best option is to end the existing campaign and then create an entirely new campaign.

Smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns are ideal for both new and experienced sellers who want an easy setup and automated campaigns. Manual Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns are ideal for sellers who prefer more control and customisation over all aspects of campaign creation and optimisation.

Yes. Smart Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns will show your ads across both search results and listing pages. Manual Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns will show your ads across search results pages.