Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings helps your items stand out among listings across the eBay network and be seen by millions of active buyers when they’re browsing and searching for what you’re selling, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Explore our campaign types to see which ones are best for you and your business.

When to use Promoted Listings?

Promoted listings gives the listings access to sponsored placements across the eBay network. The tool gives your items better visibility, and they are more likely to sell when more buyers see them. This is a good tool to use when sales are down or not occurring as frequently as expected.

Promoted Listings Express*

  1. Promote auction items. Now you can boost visibility for your auction items with Express campaigns from your eBay app.
  2. Pay an upfront, flat fee. Your ad fee is based on the length of your auction and item category.
  3. Quick and simple. Promote your auction items in one click from your eBay app.

* Available only to eBay sellers with store subscriptions. 

Promoted Listings Standard

  1. Boost visibility. Listings in Standard campaigns can appear in sponsored placements across the eBay network.
  2. Only pay when you sell. You’re only charged when a buyer clicks on your promoted listing and purchases it.
  3. Guided set up. Take the guesswork out of advertising with our listing and ad rate suggestions.

Promoted Listings Advanced*

  1. Target premium placements. Listings in Advanced campaigns bid to get preferred access to premium placements.
  2. Access advanced controls. Use keyword, budget, and bidding controls to target your ads.
  3. Only pay for clicks. You’re only charged when your promoted listing is clicked.

* Available only to eBay sellers with store subscriptions

How to use Promoted Listings?

There are multiple ways in which you can promote your items:

The “Sell It Faster” option in Seller Hub allows you to quickly promote one or more items. Simply check the box, choose your ad rate, and add your listings to an existing campaign or start a new one.