eBay Seller Events

Seller events showcase your markdown inventory all in one place, hosted on the eBay Sales & Events landing page and may have the opportunity to gain more visibility through eBay owned channels such as emails, push notifications and more.

Is this right for you?

Seller Events may be right for you if you have a compelling shopping event for our buyers that you want to showcase to a large audience. Your inventory needs to be sufficient for your sale and offer great prices to our buyers. 

What are the criteria to be considered?

The seller event criteria is, but not limited to, the below:

30+ listings on promotion

Above Standard Seller Rating, eTRS (eBay Top-Rated Seller) is preferred

Well optimised listings in line with eBay best practice

How to Participate in eBay Seller Events:

  1. Ensure your store meets our criteria above.
  2. Submit your Seller Events to your Growth Manager.