A simple way to meet European regulatory requirements

Update your business seller account to comply with the Digital Services Act


The Digital Services Act is a regulation established by the European Commission to promote consumer protection. European law requires business sellers using online marketplaces like eBay to include their business contact details on listings offered to European buyers. 

Starting early 2024, if you’re a registered business seller who sells to buyers in Europe, you’ll need to show your business contact details on listings available for purchase in the EU. We know following new or updated regulations can be difficult to track and take time, so we’ve made it easy for you to provide your customised business contact information.

Here’s what you need to do

  • Log into your Account Settings on My eBay and navigate to a new page called Public business information.
  • Add your full business contact details including the business name and address. Your verified business phone number and email will be pre-populated based on what you included when you registered as a business seller. If needed, you can change your pre-populated phone number and email. We recommend you use your business customer service information, if applicable. 
  • If you sell to European buyers they will be able to find your business contact details on listings available to them.  

By sharing your business details you’ll earn trust with your European buyers, and stay on top of the EU regulation before this becomes a requirement in early 2024.


The European Commission adopted the Digital Services Act (DSA) to provide increased consumer protections and transparency for European consumers. The DSA is a comprehensive new law that applies to digital platforms including online marketplaces like eBay. More details can be found about the DSA on the EU Commission website.

If you’re registered as a business seller on eBay and have listings eligible for purchase by European buyers, then you’ll have to add your business information. From early 2024, your business seller information will appear behind a link on listings available for purchases to European buyers.

Your business name, business address, verified email and phone number, and where relevant, business registration number will appear on a link on your listings available for purchase to European buyers. It’s recommended that you include your business's customer service contact information (e.g., phone number and email), if applicable.

This is a required update based on the Digital Services Act. By displaying your information on your listings, you’ll comply with the objectives of the DSA to drive transparency and increase trust.

To help business sellers comply with the requirements of the Digital Services Act, eBay is making it easy for sellers to add their customer-facing information within their Account Settings on My eBay. Public facing seller information will appear behind a link on your listings available for purchase to European buyers.

Yes, you’ll be able to change your pre-populated email address and phone number.

There are no exceptions for registered business sellers. This is a regulation that online marketplaces like eBay must comply with in order to offer services to buyers in the EU.

Yes, you will need to provide your customer-facing information if you have registered as an eBay business seller. Public facing seller information will appear on a link on your listings available for purchase to European buyers. eBay will be required to include this information on listing available to EU buyers in early 2024, which means you’ll need to include these details.