eBay Deals

eBay Deals deliver deeply discounted items to eBay customers everyday. If you have heavily discounted products that you’d like to share with eBay customers, submit them to the Deals team to be included on our eBay Deals landing page and associated marketing channels.

The benefits

  • Opportunity to move certain inventory
  • Ability to reach new customers and leverage eBay marketing channels
  • Drives sales without needing to discount entire store
  • Ability to control number of items a customer is able to purchase of any given SKU
  • Opportunity to participate in big seasonal moments

What are the Deals programs available?

Co-funded Deals:

These deals are co-funded between eBay and the seller. They are typically deeper discounts and are reserved for monthly events or quarterly seasonal moments. They get a large amount of support in our eBay marketing channels. These deals use a coupon code to discount the item rather than strikethrough pricing.

Unsubsidised Deals:

These deals are funded by the seller for an agreed price and period of time. The successful deals are featured on the ‘eBay Deals’ landing page and are typically a deep discount, using strikethrough pricing, and offer free shipping.

Is this right for you?

eBay Deals is only available to Managed Sellers or by invitation. eBay Deals work best for our sellers with an Above Standard Seller Rating and have robust inventory including top products and depth to support high velocity sales periods.  

What are the criteria to be considered?

Primary image of listing should be clean as per image guidelines

Above Standard Seller Rating, eTRS (eBay Top-Rated Seller) is preferred

Well optimised listings in line with eBay best practice

How to Participate in eBay Deals:

eBay Deals is currently only available to Managed Sellers or by invitation. 

  1. Ensure your store meets our criteria which is set out to enhance the shopping experience for our eBay Customers. 
  2. Submit your proposed deals to the Seller Portal or your Growth Manager.