eBay Retail Promotions

Retail promotions gain a lot of exposure across the site, including on home page, search, item listing and buyer checkout pages. Participating in Retail Promotions enables you to showcase your items, attract more buyers and drive a high velocity of sales during key shopping moments.

The benefits

Retail Promotions are marketing campaigns providing eBay buyers with discount coupons codes to purchase great products, from top sellers. 

  • eBay Coupons feature in key placements across ebay.com.au
  • Buyers find sales and discounts exciting, so it’s a great way to attract more shoppers 
  • Drive higher average order size and sales
  • Showcase your items on specifically designed landing pages connected to the coupon promotion

What are the types of Retail Promotions?

Types of campaigns we run typically offer a percentage (%) discount saving to buyers, and may also offer additional or exclusive benefits to eBay Plus members.

Where sellers can sign up to discount their entire store. There are multi-discount amounts, so you can choose which level you are comfortable with. These could be themed e.g. Mid-Season Sale, Black Friday.

Are Retail Promotions right for you?

Retail promotions are for our sellers with an Above Standard Seller Rating, who have robust inventory to support high velocity sales periods. Retail Promotions are run year-round with peaks during our seasonal moments like End of Financial Year, Black Friday and Christmas.  

What are the criteria to be considered?

The retail promotions criteria are, but not limited to, the below:

Willing to cofund the discount with eBay

Above Standard Seller Rating, eTRS (eBay Top-Rated Seller) is preferred

Well optimised listings in line with eBay best practice

How to Participate in Retail Promotions:

Retail promotions are available to selected sellers, who are invited to participate or submit their interest:

  1. Ensure your store meets our criteria which is set out to enhance the shopping experience for our eBay Customers. 
  2. Submit your interest to our Retail Promotions team via retailpromotions@ebay.com

By submitting your interest to participate, we will add you to the list to be invited to retail promotions, but you will still have the ability to decline campaign invitations, for example if you don’t have the inventory depth to support at that time.

Invites will be shared via email, with each invite including specific details about the upcoming promotions, such as the co-funding rate based on the discount offered to buyers, and the agreement.