Entice buyers with these upgrades to your marketing toolbox

What you need to know

  • You can now easily link your social accounts to your eBay account
  • If you have an eBay Store, you can spotlight coupons on your Store front
  • Send offers for multiple listings from the eBay app

Easily link your social and eBay accounts

The Social page in Seller Hub is now available to not only Store subscribers but all eBay sellers in Seller Hub. 

Save time by linking your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts and create custom posts that’ll delight your customers and drive traffic to your listings. You can also post to multiple platforms at once and get insights into the traffic you’re receiving to your Store, listings, and other eBay assets from social media. While the Social page includes Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for now, we’re exploring new ways to offer you a seamless integration with even more  platforms in the future.

Next steps

Get started now with our step-by-step guide that’ll show you how to link your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest account

Spotlight coupons on your storefront

We’re making it easy for Store subscribers to highlight active promotions by rolling out a new Sale tab on the storefront. This tab will feature all your coupon sales in one place, and make it easier for buyers to find your sale items. With this update, your coupon offers will automatically be front and center on your storefront—helping turn browsing visitors into happy buyers.

Next steps

  • The Sale tab will launch in mid-November and automatically appear for store subscribers who’ve created at least one promotional coupon offer.
  • We’re exploring ways to include other promotions, such as markdowns, under the Sale tab in the future. 

If you want to create a coupon offer that’ll show up in a Sale tab on your storefront, visit the coded coupons page to get started.

Send offers for multiple listings at once with the eBay app

You can now send offers for multiple listings at the same time on the eBay app. In the past, you could only send offers for your listings one by one. Now, you can save time on the go, target interested buyers, and boost your conversion rate by quickly sending offers for multiple listings.

Next steps

To send offers for multiple listings, just go to the Active page within the Selling tab in the eBay app. You can send offers when a listing has one or more interested buyers who satisfy a number of conditionsWhen you have more than one listing that's eligible for offers, you’ll see a quick filter called Send Offers-Eligible. Just apply that filter to see those listings and send your offers.

For more information on sending offers for multiple listings, check out our Sending offers in bulk help page.