Marketing and Growth

Once you’ve got your business set up on eBay and have created your listings, eBay provides a range of tools to help you grow your sales.

Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings is a promotional tool exclusive to eBay. It helps your items stand out among millions of listings on eBay, so you can be in front of the right buyers at the right time. Simply choose which listings you want to promote, set a competitive ad rate and your listings will appear prime placements on the eBay site.

Promotional Tools

Running promotions can help attract more customers, increase basket size, and set your listings apart from the competition. You can run a range of different promotions on eBay including order discounts, codeless vouchers and promotional postage.

eBay Plus

eBay Plus is more than a buyer loyalty program, it’s our primary seller badge onsite. As a seller, an eBay Plus badge helps you stand out by letting buyers know you offer a great shopping experience. It’s a great trust signal for buyers, helping to boost traffic and sales performance.

Multi-User Account Access

Multi-User Account Access enables you to grant access to employees or delegates to perform specific selling functions on your behalf. This provides both users - the seller and the employee - added security and privacy for their eBay account

Terapeak Research Tool

The Terapeak Research tool, found in the Research Tab in Seller Hub is a data-driven tool exclusive to eBay, that helps you identify what to sell, when to sell and at what price. It accesses and analyses up to one year of data to provide you with essential marketplace insights.

Selling Internationally

There are over 138 million active buyers in 190 markets worldwide on eBay. We've built our technology and platform to enable sellers around the world to tap into this network.

Coded Coupons

Coded coupons enable you to offer your buyers a discount through a coupon code. You can make the coded coupon publicly visible (on or share it privately through your own marketing channels. Control your marketing budget and protect your margins (by selecting options like minimum spend, expiry date, budget, etc.)

These new coded coupons replace the previous codeless coupons.

By using Coded Coupons, you agree to these Promotions Manager Terms and Conditions. Buyers who redeem your Coded Coupon offer will agree to these Coded Coupon Terms and Conditions which will operate between you and the buyer. Please read each set of the terms and conditions carefully before you start using Coded Coupons.