Aussie Seller News - June 2023

We’re dedicated to making your selling experience on eBay better, so we work with real eBay sellers to build a marketplace for sellers, by sellers. To make sure we’re continuing to work as one team, real Aussie sellers from our seller panel have provided feedback on these changes.

What’s launched

You told us unpaid items were frustrating

So here’s what we did

For ‘Buy it now’ sales, buyers are now prompted to provide a payment method during checkout which has greatly reduced unpaid items. We’re testing a feature that requires buyers to have a payment method on file before making offers on ‘Best Offer’ listings.

We’ve increased text and file limits for payment disputes

Now sellers can easily provide important information by submitting up to 1000 characters of text and uploading up to 5 files as supporting evidence for payment disputes. Previously sellers could only submit one image (up to 1.5 MB) and no free text at all.

You can now report inappropriate messages

And block members directly from eBay messages.

This update is aimed at helping prevent inappropriate behaviour and create a safer eBay for everyone. Rest assured that we carefully review your reports and take appropriate action against policy violators. For detailed instructions on reporting and blocking a member click the link below.

Staying on top of ever-changing regulations can be challenging

We get it, so we’re here to help

Explore our new Help page for a comprehensive guide on all regulations that may impact your business. It’s your go-to resource for understanding and meeting compliance regulations.

What’s coming

We’re making it easier to manage and optimise your campaigns

We've added new features to Promoted Listings Standard

With dynamic ad rates, your rates are automatically adjusted based on daily suggestions, ensuring high visibility for your listings. New Ad rate forecasting also provides real-time insights into your campaign’s performance and estimated impression share before launching.

We’re extending the launch timeframe for our ‘Item Not Received’ claims process change

The rollout extension for  'Item not received' managed claims process will ensure a smoother implementation and better claims management experience. Rest assured, our existing processes for handling ‘Item not received’ requests remain unchanged.