New Feedback Image Display: FAQ Page

If an image is deemed inappropriate and meets our policy for removal, the text feedback associated with that image will also be removed along with it.  In the short future, we will have the ability to remove the image and keep the feedback text. We will notify sellers when this change is available. 

At eBay we take our user’s safety very seriously and do not want to expose anyone on eBay to any inappropriate images. To ensure this, we have built an AI driven moderation model to ensure no inappropriate photos are displayed on eBay. 

For inappropriate images, users can report any inappropriate content anywhere onsite. Our support teams have been provided tools to remove any images that violate our policies when a feedback entry is requested to be removed. For more information on our image policies you can find them here.

For irrelevant feedback, the feedback misuse policy will state “When leaving feedback, you need to accurately represent the item you purchased”, meaning that these kinds of feedback are also removable by our customer service team. 

We understand there may be instances where you would like to appeal the feedback left by a buyer if it’s unfair or irrelevant. Our existing seller performance and defect removal policy will continue to apply. You can visit our seller help page as you do today or contact our customer service team, to request to remove feedback.

We plan to include images in feedback for one-off unique items too. At this stage, this launch isn’t planned until 2024. We will keep you updated as we continue to roll out the images in feedback project. 

We understand that if a seller sells exclusively unique items on eBay it may feel like photos with feedback items will not benefit this group. However we believe photos within feedback can benefit buyers and sellers of unique items in the following ways:

Photos help validate a feedback entry - We have heard from our buyer community that sometimes buyers are skeptical of feedback entries and are not sure that feedback is left by verified purchasers. We believe that images with feedback entries can help add credibility to feedback entries and instill additional confidence in buyers making purchase decisions

Buyers gain value from images of items they aren’t necessarily buying - Even if a buyer is buying a unique item, seeing buyer posted images of other items the seller is selling can be helpful in determining if what the seller is selling is of high quality, matches their descriptions, etc. so we believe there will be additional trust gained by sellers even if each of their items are unique

Our feedback extortion policy helps to protect against misuse. Buyers aren't allowed to use threats of negative feedback to try to get something that wasn't part of the original listing. 

Yes, the photo will be displayed next to a buyer's feedback comment, and you will be able to respond in the same way you do today.

From mid 2022, we launched a new flow whereby if buyers start to leave negative feedback, we encourage them to contact the seller first, to give you a chance to make it right. This flow does not block their ability to leave feedback but does encourage them to contact the seller first.

No, buyers will only be able to leave images with their feedback comments.

No, feedback left is only applicable to the seller the feedback was left for.