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Sellers using Paypal who have ever been the victims of the 'known' Paypal scam need to read this. In fact, any seller who uses Paypal needs to read this. Personally, I'm sick of Paypal offering buyers 'Buyer Protection' and misleading the public into thinking that Paypal covers their purchase. Paypal doesn't - the seller is the one to get the kick in the teeth and cop the financial loss when dishonest buyers fraudulently make claims of non-receipt.

I've had one dishonest buyer too many and now it's time to go public. I wonder if Ebay will pull down this Guide? Well, they do OWN Paypal after all. I wonder if they allow freedom of speech...

Here's a true story in a very small nutshell but unfortunately I can't name the buyer for Privacy reasons. 

A South Australian buyer with a post office box address in Smithfield refused to register her purchases even though my Terms & Conditions stipulated purchases over $50 MUST be either registered or express posted so they can be tracked. She didn't, then of course the emails began with 24 hours of mailing that the items hadn't shown up and she was getting concerned. She never opened an 'Item Not Received' dispute through Ebay, just opened one immediately through Paypal. She was sent a photograph of her packaged parcel (I do this will all out-going parcels) but claimed it was a fake - not to me because she knew I knew the truth, but to Paypal! Her emails highlighted many inconsistencies but what was made obvious was that she was a previously suspended user who had (you guessed it) opened yet another new account. Sure, I contacted Ebay & she was de-registered again immediately. Fat lot of good that does when all these thieves are after are their goods & their money back. I heard every hard luck story from her under the sun but eventually it was her husband who intervened (he realised she'd said more than she should have & had tangled herself in a web of lies) and ironically, in emailing me, actually ADMITTED to her having committed the crime but they felt it was justifiable because of all their hard luck. Now one would think that this would be sufficient for Paypal to throw her Claim out and set the relevant authorities on to her once given this information but no - that would be too hard.
Are you aware that even a tracking number with proof of delivery does not guarantee that Paypal will award in your favour as a seller? Are you aware that Registered Mail is not sufficient proof of posting? Same goes for Postal Insurance, Delivery Confirmation & Express Post. You MIGHT have a chance if you mail via EMS (sure, $80 postage cost), Express Post Platinum, TNT courier, Fedex, eParcel - but then, you probably won't. You wouldn't be able to sell your stock with ridiculously high postage costs (and then Ebay would probably pull your listing down because they'll think it's fee avoidance.

Why did Ebay introduce that new rule last year stipulating that Paypal payments couldn't be conditional? This was a blow struck against sellers because to safeguard ourselves, we like to make sure purchases over a certain $ value & paid through Paypal can be tracked. This used to protect us. Now we're left unprotected or we have to charge high postage costs to include tracking numbers.

If you've been the victim of such a scam (this is my 2nd time I've been robbed, with a 3rd on the way - from Italy this time), please email me as I am in the process of passing this information on to some very interested bodies. If you have your own stories, please publish them as a guide. The only way to educate the public about the dangers of using Paypal is by sharing experiences. Sure, we've all read the Paypal horror stories, read those anti-Paypal websites and all know about the class action taken (successfully) against Paypal earlier this decade but it's time to give Paypal another wake-up call.

Speak up & be heard or nothing will change.

I'm afraid this chirpychipmunk ain't too chirpy at present - I have a lot of work ahead of me to try & get some sensible changes made to the current system.
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