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Tools to Improve Your eBay Business

For sellers sending large volumes of orders, Sendle offers discounted prices when you purchase and print postage labels on eBay.

Save on sending with Australia Post MyPost Business

Boost your savings with this introductory MyPost Business offer.  For your first 12 weeks, save up to 30% on eligible same-city sending and 20% off International sending*. To access this offer, simply sign up, and submit the promo code^ EBAYMPB22$

Disclaimers: * Offer available until 31 January 2022. Band 3 pricing is available for the first 12 weeks based on eligibility criteria. After the introductory period, rates will be calculated on eligible parcel volumes sent in a rolling 8-week period. Please refer to the terms and conditions for further details on the eligibility criteria auspost.com.au/terms-conditions/send-and-save-terms-conditions.​

^Promo code is case sensitive and only one use per customer

Listing Automation & Store Integration

New eBay Sellers are being offered a complimentary Omnivore onboarding package valued at $600, as well as a 30 day free trial of Omnivore. Mention ‘eBay Partners Pack’ when you contact Omnivore.

Business Services to Support Your Business

MYOB accounting software helps you automate your admin, stay on top of your cash flow, scrap the manual data entry, and manage your inventory.

Industry Associations and Partnerships

Apply to be featured in our Australian Made on eBay campaign if you sell products licensed by Australian Made. The partnership gives eBay Australia’s 11-million unique monthly visitors access to Australian Made on eBay.