Stock Management and Time Away

Manage your stock on eBay and take Time Away from your eBay business using eBay tools to save time and money when running your online business.

Bulk Listings

If you want to list more than one of the same item, you can use bulk listings to have all the items in one place. Simply specify the quantity of items when creating your listing, and we’ll keep track of your inventory for you. We’ll automatically end the listing once you run out of stock.

If you want an easy way to create and manage listings in bulk:

  1. File Exchange allows you to upload and manage your eBay inventory, leave feedback and see which orders have been paid for or posted. You can simply create templates and CSV files to perform these actions in bulk. 
  2. Selling Manager Pro is included with all eBay Store subscriptions and can be accessed through the Seller Hub it allows you to manage your inventory using templates and download detailed sales reports.

Listings with variations

If you want to list similar items within one listing, you can create multi-variation listings with no additional fees. Each listing can have 5 variations and up to 60 choices. For example, you can create a listing that allows customers to select the colour, size, width and material with 60 different options for each variation.

Selling templates

To help you save time when listing items, you can create high-quality listing templates that you can reuse each time you have a new item to sell.  You can create, rename and revise each of your listing templates from your Seller Hub or using Selling Manager Pro if you have a Store subscription.

Out-of-stock option

As previously mentioned, if your bulk listings run out of stock, we will automatically end them for you. If you regularly re-stock these items, you can enable the out-of-stock option. This option means instead of ending your listing, we will hide it from search until you're-fill the inventory. This way you preserve your sales history and also manage buyer expectations.

Taking Time Away

Whether you plan to take time away from your eBay business, or you need to take unexpected time off, eBay’s Time Away settings have got you covered. Time Away settings are available to all eBay sellers and you can choose from two options: 

  • Hide fixed price listings from search for 1 to 30 days; or 
  • Keep listings visible with a notice that you're away for 1 to 15 days.

If you need to take unexpected time off, Time Away allows you to hide and resurface your listings in close to real-time. 


If you choose to schedule Time Away in advance, we’ll adjust handling times and estimated delivery dates on your behalf. We’ll also automatically remove any negative feedback related to postage issues or delays while your settings are on. 


Buyers can still send you messages while you’re away, but you can choose to set up an automatic response. You must remember to fulfil any prior selling obligations, including posting any sold items.