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I believe I'm going to love this!

I bought this to burn off age/sun spots. And I believe it works well. I just did it, so of course it's a bit red and irritated in the pictures. I'm excited to see how it heals but it looks like it's going to do the job I wanted it for. You can see the other spots I will be getting to versus the 3 I just did. I bought a deep penetrating numbing cream, gooped it on the spots and let it sit for about 30 minutes. I used setting 5. Sure, it burned a little and smelled of burnt skin, but overall it was not bad at all. I did learn that you need to clean the tip off frequently as you go because it gets burned skin gets built up at the tip. I cleaned my skin with alcohol before and after. Then put Neosporin on it. Hope this helps!Read full review...

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by Top critical review

LCD Laser Skin Tag Removal Pen to include Tatoos.

The item looks real interesting and new to me. I was mostly interested in the tatoo removal claim but will have to wait, according to the write-up, at least 3 weeks to see any results. I tried a small area to see and feel its effects. I guess its suppose to burn and hurt while carbonizating the tatoo off.

Let you know how it went in three weeks or longer. .
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Is simple, good, and cheap!

Took a skin tag off my eyelid in 2careful applications. Am working on some age sun spots on face and cheeks. Basically you are burning things away. So take time and have some quality healing cream to apply for a few days after use. Directions are stupid, just replace ‘heat level’ every time you see them use word ‘speed.” Read full review...

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Skeptical buyer now very grateful with renewed confidence!

My whole life I have had an ugly black mole on my cheek, and another skintone mole above my eyebrow. These things always made me self-conscious, and I hated them. Couldn't justify paying to have them removed, so figured this is the way it is. The link for this Lazer pen popped up in my recommend. I thought, "yeah right, no way" but decided to give it a try. Wow! I wish I had bought this years ago! The skin tone mole came off like nothing was ever there! Same with a few skin tags and freckles I didn't like. The horrid black one I can tell will take a few treatments, but is roughly 80% of the way vanished after the first try. I will say, the black ones bleed a bit, but not badly, and totally worth it to get rid of them! I had a few more of the dark moles in other places that I decided to zap just because. Why not? They each bled a little. So just be prepared for that. It does sting a bit. I started on the lowest setting, but as I acclimated to it, was able to turn it full strength and get it done faster. It feels a little like when a spark from a sparkler or firework lands on you. Not too bad. This pen literally vaporizes the skin as you lightly touch it to what you want to get rid of, without burning the skin underneath. It was amazing watching something that brought me embarrassment my whole life slowly just vaporize into smoke, with normal skin underneath! There is a slight pink mark where they were, but I have no doubt that will go away in a few days. Honestly, I teared up when I looked in the mirror and saw the results. Thank you!Read full review...

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This thing is the real deal!

This thing is the real deal. I looked at videos on Youtube for about 18 months before I purchased this. I've done tiny moles that were discolorations I've always had. I've done skin tags that grow out of my neck. I've done red moles that protrude out of my skin in random spots all over my body. ALL of them came off and healed to normal looking skin. I 'guessed' that this was a good one. The price is rediculously good! The product quality is great! I did not go to the doctor to get them all checked. I got A LOT of different types of moles all over my body. My skin looks great!! I am 42 years old and I look super young for my age. The moles were killing it. Now My skin looks so smooth! I recommend using this! You just dab the moles over and over.Read full review...

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Works well Showed some people had to order a few more So far I've removed moles/skin tags and a couple small brown age spots on my forhead close to my hair line Took a good size mole off close to my eye That was the main one i bought this for Hardy any pain at all 5⭐️Read full review...

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Great Product !

Worked very well for my skin tags. I used the short pointed tip at a 45 degree angle and arced to skin tag. Burned tag. Scabbed the next day. Did not get wet for 24 hours. Let it heal ! It may take a few weeks. Results are great in my case. Hope this helps.Read full review...

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Great product for the price. Arrived in timely manner.

Excellent product. Used on small moles, skin tags and brown spots. Removed as described. The only part that was confusing is that you cannot use the device if plugged in. Great safety measure yet was not explained in the user guide. Other than that, the user guide was reasonably easy to understand.Read full review...

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The future is now, and a perfect solution is here. Laser Plasma Pen, Mole Remover.

I have very seldom been as pleasantly surprised at how well a product functions as with this futuristic solution. The Plasma Mole Remover is as far as Im concerned, a flawless tool. And because of the nature of this thing, the spot left after removing a wort ore mole, will heal in a few days. In about four days there will be little to no trace of the problem. Im glad I never had a doctor remove my face mols with a scalpel. I recommend The Laser Plasma without reservations. Read full review...


Skin Tag Remover

This is a good product ONLY if you know how to use it PROPERLY!! .. I STRONGLY Recommend to do your research before use.... YouTube has a variety of postings that are very helpful. In my personal experience after I read the instructions I decided to removed small skin tags around my neck but I used the big needle so I over burned my skin and ended up looking like a crackhead with all kinds of sores on my neck, so I applied NEOSPORIN and in about 2days my neck was looking better & Skin Tags FREE!
Is VERY IMPORTANT to fully understand and know how to use this item before used .
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Slight learning curve. Snagging skin tags, Be Gone!

Ok, so you'll need a high pain threshold, and ointments to help the skin really heal nicely afterward.

I didn't watch the YouTube, maybe should have, but my experience was that the cutting element gives off a visible zap of light. It's best to be aware of that so you have better control.

I removed skin tags, in batches. First time didn't make clean cuts, thinking it would okay to just let it "fall off" since it hurt quite a bit to do.

Went so much better once I committed to cutting them clean off, even angling the tool downward more to 'root out' the root.

Healing rate is highly individualized but first batch required me to wear high necked clothing/ staying out of public eye. Second batch left red dots that faded over a few days to the equivalent of a healed burn--they may continue to fade or look no worse than a freckle. Various ointments or oils do help with healing.
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